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  • 40V MAX Lithium Ion Battery for longer runtime and overall life
  • 12" premium bar and chain. Automatic oiling system
  • Suitable for pruning branches and cutting fallen limbs
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X-BULL 20" Bar Gasoline Powered Chainsaw 62cc Engine 2 Cycle Chain Saw Black

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Last update was on: November 13, 2018 8:19 pm
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Mhlengi Gwala: Chainsaw attack athlete wants to compete again ...

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Family Force 5 - Chainsaw Official Music Video (Feat. Tedashii)

Special edition of "Chainsaw" (Feat. Tedashii) is available on any digital platform (iTunes,, CDBaby, etc.):

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Its Terrifying Times

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Last update was on: November 13, 2018 8:19 pm

  1. I had a semi-dead Cottonwood tree that was over 70ft tall and 21 inches in diameter. If it fell, it would take-out power, cable & phones lines. I have an old 16″ Homelite XL that I’ve had for years that needed a chain & bar, and I realized that I only use it every year or 2, it spent all of it’s time in the shed. I was tired of mixing gas & oil plus having the leftover go sour. I ran across this WORX saw on Amazon and decided to research it. I didn’t find many helpful reviews as most bought this to saw-up limbs & branches after a storm, and I needed it for a monster tree. I am 65yrs old and in relatively good health. I have felled many trees in my day but couldn’t do this tree in 1-shot because of the utility lines. Setting-up the ladder and climbing up & down it was the hardest part of my chore….. THIS SAW MADE THE JOB EASY!!! After topping the tree, I came down to where the trunk forked into 2 huge limbs that were each 13 inches in diameter. I know some will doubt me but this saw went through them like hot butter!!! This left me with the main trunk and like I stated earlier, it was 21 inches thru… I cut it about 6 inches above the ground and working my way around 3 sides of it, the saw went right through it. I did cut it about halfway thru and then drove a wooden wedge in behind the blade to keep it from pinching. I can not say enough about how GOOD and POWERFUL this saw is. When ordering I ordered an extra chain, a quart of bar oil, and a heavy duty 100ft 15amp extension cord. I needed the cord, but could have saved money by not purchasing the chain and oil because the tree is now completely cut-up and the chain is still sharp… and the bar oil reservoir still has oil in it (using only the oil that came with the saw). If you’re looking for a commercial saw, this wouldn’t be it, but for work around your house.. THIS SAW WILL DO THE JOB! and…. You’ll never have to mix gas & oil again!!!…. me either! 🙂 With a generator you can cut wood anywhere!! lolI hardly ever post reviews, but I’m amazed how far technology has come, and the power this electric saw has… It’s no toy!!!

  2. Under powered compared to a gas model but I pretty much expected that. Good value for the price.

  3. This is a nice little chainsaw. Cuts up wood quickly and easily. It needs extension cords and can’t be used in the rain or far from the house. Obviously cause it is electric. It worked well for removing a dead bush I had and to cut some branches for kindling. I still have a lot of work to use it for.

  4. A massive oak tree, 6 ft diameter, at the base, fell in a wind storm and crushed my car. I bought this WORK chainsaw to cut it up. Yes, with an 18 inch bar. It was phenomenal, cut easily and fast. Didn’t need to sharpen chain till 3/4 way through the job. I get amazing, [almost faces of unbelief] stares from men when they find it’s electric. Just haven’t cut the last 16 feet of the trunk, which goes from 3 feet to 6 feet. Cut from both sides of the tree to get to the middle, once is was thicker than 18 inches in diameter. I repeat, despite twists, and pressure points, in a fallen tree, on a crushed car, and a damaged roof, this chainsaw cut easily, fast, without any hassles. Of course I had to use common sense in cutting through the pressure points, cutting from underneath, too. Cost me $107. Works now as if I had just begun cutting. Absolutely amazing deal for a $100 chain saw. I have pics!

  5. Did the WORX 18″ Electric Chain Saw meet my expectations? Absolutely not. It ridiculously exceeded them. I own several saws, a 20″ Huskvarna and a smaller electric (corded) saw. For this particular project I was cutting down some very large (36″-48″ in diameter) “petrified” tree trunks. The trees had been dead for many years and had long been cleared of all branches. The wood was white and as hard as steel. The Huskvarna saw was getting through it, but it was tough, averaging 30+ minutes per cut. I felt bad, as the gas saw was running at full throttle during these cuts and (I felt) was really disturbing the neighboring houses which were very close. A few weeks ago I decided to convert to an electric corded saw and complete the project that way. I was cautious, to say the least, about what I purchased, needing it to be a real tool and not a toy. The WORX 18″ saw has been amazing, out performing the Huskvarna. It goes through Bar and Chain oil fairly quickly, bus as I mentioned, my cuts are averaging about 30 minutes each. The oil reservoir is generously sized. I ordered a second chain at the time of purchase, to be able to rotate them out, as needed. As is the case with any chainsaw, you need to be careful to not hit the dirt, as it will kill the edge on your chain very quickly. Probably the best feature overall is the (super easy and very well designed) automatic chain tightening feature. It is brilliant and works super well. Kudos to WORX for researching and building a really excellent saw. It will be my first choice for most of my sawing projects in the future. Neil Carlberg, Greeley, CO

  6. Use the saw a few times on light limbs, does ok. However, be aware its not long for this world! Mine has started slipping internally and doesn’t provide much torque to blade now. There is a slip clutch inside that seems to need adjusting or is broken. I have emailed Sun Joe! Stand by for update!UPDATE: After contacting the best customer service department ever, they replaced the saw. All I was asking for was repair help! I wished the sold pickup trucks because FORD sucks!

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