Garden Décor Learning

Garden Décor Learning


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  • Includes wooden jewelry box, 26 gem stickers, 38 foil stickers, 3 glitter glues, and white glue
  • Craft kit and keepsake in one!
  • Jewelry box features velvet ring holder and safety mirror inside the lid


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LEARN TO SEW STEP BY STEP 2004, A beginner's guide to home decor sewing

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'Country Weekend,' rock gardens, rains gardens and more

'Country Weekend,' rock gardens, rains gardens and more

March 9, 2018 - Minneapolis Star Tribune

The historic Bachman family home is headed for the country. Designed with the theme "Country Weekend," the home seeks to inspire guests with new ways to put a little spring into their decor. The house is decorated with bright colors, green and blooming...

Weekend Highlights: March 10-11, 2018

Weekend Highlights: March 10-11, 2018

March 10, 2018 -

For more information on any of these listings, visit our calendar site,, and type the event ID number into the box at the top of the homepage. SATURDAY, MARCH 10. AMHERST, Community: Amherst Farm and Craft Market. Indoor market featuring...

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Mushroom Decor ♥ DIY

Learn how to create adorable mushroom decor for your garden or lawn! Create a magical butterfly cuff! - Mushroom Decor ♥ DIY Follow me ------------------------------...


Check out these incredibly beautiful decor ideas and learn how to brighten your home for spring time! 🙂 Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Workouts:...

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Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Style

Simon and Schuster. 2018

Move over, shabby chic: The new farmhouse look is all about clean lines and modern shapes, paired with rustic textures and clever upcycled decor ideas from the country life. With Modern Farmhouse Style, you can now achieve that farmhouse aesthetic in your own home—no matter where you reside. This collection of more than 250 gorgeous yet attainable farmhouse-inspired decor ideas, organizational tips, and DIY projects is everything you need to make your modern home perfectly rustic—or vice versa! With chapters on entryways, living spaces, kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces, you’ll learn how to “countrify” any area of your home so it’s charming yet refined, homey yet chic. You’ll learn how to select the proper mix of contemporary and rustic...

Manual of Design Measurements

Artisan Books. 2017

Manual of Design Measurements is an invaluable decorating resource, a compendium of every useful formula, measurement, proportion, and standard for putting a well-designed room together. All the numbers that decorators and designers learn and use—the shorthand of their professions—are gathered together in this comprehensive guide that takes the guesswork out of issues like height, placement, and myriad other calculations. Arranged room by room through the residential environment, this handbook addresses such topics as the ideal arrangement of furniture for conversational ease, the most comfortable height and dimension of tables and chairs for dining and study, the standard dimensions of mattresses and bedding, and even the optimal placement of the stove hood in a kitchen and towel bars...

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  1. My daughter and I had a blast creating this kit. We painted every piece we could, including the plant container. It was a really fun project that took a couple of days to complete, and gave us plenty of quality time spent together. The only negative I have about this garden kit is that they don’t give you nearly enough soil to cover the bottom and give the plants room to take root. Also, our plants never grew. A few pieces of the grass did start to sprout but nothing else ever did. We are going to buy more soil and try again, but I honestly think they should include more soil and easier to grow plants. Otherwise, I really do love this kit and the magic your child gets to create with it.

  2. Fantastic!! Easy and fun to prepare with pretty results. Grows like CRAZY!! In the picture, it’s about a month old.

  3. My two year old really loves this mower. The bubble solution didn’t last long as it is a pretty small bottle, but, she just likes following her Daddy around the yard while he is mowing. Bubbles not necessary. I’d say it pushes very easily in our thick grass and it makes “mowing” sounds when the wheels turn. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend it.For reference, she is about 36″, so I have included a photo with my review.

  4. Although my toddler daughter and my elementary aged daughter love this bubble mower, it has a few design flaws. It is obviously a toy made for a toddler or younger children to use, but yet the bubbles can be dumped out very easily. The bubble solution gets dumped into an outside compartment that has no lid and is easily accessed by small hands and mouths! The bubble mower definitely needs a more secure tank for the bubble solution so that my toddler cant easily get to the bubble solution. Because the compartment is open, the bubble solution easily spills out if the mower is not kept flat. The mower does make a semi-realistic sound that is just the right noise level. The handle is lightweight, making the mower less likely to tip over. The wheels are large enough that the mower can be easily pushed through grass or shale, as well as on the road or sidewalk. Also, you need to by better bubble solution than the small bottle that comes with the mower. The bubble solution that comes with the mower did not work, but when I out in a different kind ( Gazillion bubble solution) after the first lot spilled, it blew bubbles much better. All 3 of my kids, and the neighborhood kids enjoy playing with the bubble mower, just more so when the bubbles are blowing, so it is too bad that the compartment to hold the bubble solution is not better designed.

  5. I purchased this as a birthday gift for our 5-yr old daughter. She loves to plant and garden with me, so this seemed like a good opportunity to have a little garden of her own featuring some of her favorite enchanted creatures.Cons:As someone who spends a fair amount of time playing in the dirt, I was a bit disappointed in the contents of the “garden” part of the garden. At a price point of over $20, this garden featured a plastic, shallow pot with no drainage; a below average potting soil mix that didn’t absorb water quickly; and a seed mix that was primarily cheap wheatgrass with a few beans. In this reviewer’s opinion, not much bang for your buck. I think children would get a much better experience if the seller provided herb garden seeds with a decent container and media; however, the description is reasonably accurate so you essentially know what you’re getting – it just isn’t a good value for the quality.Pros:She’s five. What does she care about the absorption rate of soil media? About as much as I care to watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for the thousandth time, but she (we?) had a blast decorating the container and all the accessories. She was thrilled when the seeds quickly sprouted in a couple days (admittedly, wheatgrass is a good option when you consider germination time), and it gave us another opportunity to discuss the growing cycle. Ironically, the container without any drainage holes gave me a chance to talk to her about the importance of drainage and how most plants will get sick and die if they sit in water for prolonged periods. I’d say this product gave us about ten days of fun and learning before it lost the “shiny” kids (and grownups) love.To sum, it made my little girl happy and that makes me happy, but the hardened consumer in me still longs for a higher quality product or a lower price point. While I won’t buy this again, I don’t regret the initial purchase. In fact, we kept the fairy accessories and they were even upgraded to a new home that isn’t in the flood zone. This also gave me a chance to teach her about 100-yr floodplains, FEMA and insurance rates. Just kidding, she already knew. How do you think the fairy could afford that new earthbox condo?

  6. I bought this item because I still fondly remember my own bubble mower from when I was little. For the price this is not a bad item. It’s fun for little ones to push around and makes great mower sounds. That being said, the mower needs to be pushed at a full speed run to produce any bubbles, too fast for a young child. I can’t say I remember my old bubble mower from the 80’s being this difficult. Although this one doesn’t seem badly made overall, it does seem that there is a lot of air generated by the fan, however it gets lost somewhere in the housing before it reaches the bubble wand. Unfortunately, they have not put a top on the bubble fluid reservoir since then either, so if your little one has a tendency to turn it over you might have a mess on your hands. It does seems to take quite a bit of bubble solution to fill, the whole included bottle and then some. If you can get the bubbles to blow they will likely pop quickly as the outlet is so close to the ground. You might get some flying with a little help from the wind.

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