Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden Fencing Ideas


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  • Package Include:1 X Fence
  • Material Type:Wooden
  • Color:Brown
  • Total Length:40 inch(100cm),height:2 inch(5cm)


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Historic Virginia Gardens by Dorothy Hunt Williams Fence Building ideas +++

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Big ideas for small gardens

Big ideas for small gardens

February 25, 2018 - Press

Make your fence disappear. Since they are more apparent in a small garden, painting fences and gates a dark color helps them blend into the background, while still appearing refined. Reflect the sky and surroundings. Use a dark plaster color on your...

Could this planting scheme transform urban gardens?

Could this planting scheme transform urban gardens?

March 10, 2018 -

When I started planting a few gardens for friends I did them like that, and fom my point of view it was just a case of adapting those New Perennial ideas for a smaller space. It really is a case of starting with quite small plants in pots – you can do...

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How to build a simple garden fence


40 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas

We would like to introduce design ideas for garden space to your best. We always welcome likes and comments. see more pictures, design ideas Design Ideas Home & Garden garden ideas garden art...

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SOUTHERN LIVING Ultimate Garden Guide

SOUTHERN LIVING Ultimate Garden Guide

Time Home Entertainment. 2018

Our best ideas for beautiful containers, beds and borders! Your yard will become the envy of your neighbors with the help of Southern Living’s Ultimate Garden Guide, our Special Collector’s Edition filled with ideas, inspiration, and tips to help you grow the most beautiful containers, beds and borders. We select the best trees, shrubs, and flowers to bring year-round appeal to your yard (think “peak color”) and we provide a seasonal checklist to help you stay on track all year long.. This guide is as inspirational as it functional: We take you on several garden tours – from tropical to English Accent to provide you with ideas to enhance your yard, or try something new. Specific plant recommendations, including suggested cultivars, make it easy to get great results, and The Grumpy...

The Less Is More Garden

The Less Is More Garden

Timber Press. 2018

Small space, big solutions When it comes to gardens, bigger isn’t always better. A smaller space requires fewer plants and less time to design, install, and maintain. The Less Is More Garden shows you how to take advantage of take advantage of every square foot of space. Designer Susan Morrison offers savvy tips to match your landscape to your lifestyle, draws on years of experience to recommend smart plants with seasonal interest, and suggests hardscape materials to personalize your space. Inspiring photographs highlight a variety of inspiring small-space designs from around the country. With The Less Is More Garden, you’ll see how limited space can mean unlimited opportunities for gorgeous garden design.

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  1. In my opinion, installing an inground fence is never easy, but the instructions that came with the kit is very clear. We had no hiccups with installing the product. The instructions for training our puppy were also clear and helpful. We haven’t gone through the entire training yet because it is suppose to be a 30 days training so it gets into the bone of your dog to never forget about the fence. But if your dog is smart, he will probably learn it in less than a week. Good luck!

  2. My dog learned real quick stay away from the fence. He has been very bad and digging out and breaking holes in the fence. It took 4 times of shocks to learn he needs to stay away. I bought the basic kit and set it up in a loop on the side the dog keeps escaping from. Setup took 30 minutes. I will be buying another collar for my other dog. Very pleased! Definitely recommended!

  3. Packaging was nice. Everything is in it’s own compartment inside the box. There is a booklet with fairly detailed instructions on how to set up, although I do recommend reading them all the way through first. One of the things that I really liked about this product is that the booklet has a training section so that you aren’t expected to just hook your dog up and then hope for the best.We have a 90+lb pit bull who likes to attack one of our side fences when the neighbor’s dog is outside. Very annoying, especially when she tears it up right after we replaced it. We decided not to install the wire underground as we are wanting the option of moving it between the front and back yards. Plus it is cold outside and digging in the ground just doesn’t sound like fun right now.We planted the training flags and took our dog outside on the leash. She is very food motivated so we had a bunch of chopped up cheese to toss her way.We tossed some of the cheese into the no-go zone. She only went once. After that, she completely ignored any cheese tossed that way, no matter how much we tried to entice her. The system does give a warning beep prior to giving a mild shock and you can change the range as well, which is nice. I’m assuming that she received a shock going after the first piece of cheese tossed into the no-go zone, BUT she didn’t flinch, jump, or bark. She gave no indication at all of receiving it except to then avoid that section. Very happy with those results.

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