Garden Water Features

Garden Water Features


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  • ✔ DIMENSIONS: 16" Tall x 11" Wide x 8" Deep - WEIGHT: 6lbs - COLOR: Earthy sandstone w/ Green highlights
  • ✔ QUICK AND EASY out of the box set up - Perfect water feature for outdoor, gardens, backyards, decks, patios, and porches.
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Aquascape 78201 Fire Fountain Water Feature for Patios, Decks, and Gardens, 24"

Price: $302.38
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Current Price $302.38January 9, 2019
Highest Price$302.38October 11, 2018
Lowest Price$279.98September 27, 2018
Since September 27, 2018

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$302.38October 11, 2018
$279.98September 27, 2018
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The Benefits of Water Features in Garden Landscapes

March 7, 2018 - Longview News-Journal

Many homeowners aspire to make their homes appear as beautiful and welcoming as possible. Exterior renovations may be high on homeownersÕ to-do lists, and landscaping is oftentimes a key component of those projects. When planning gardens, homeowners...

Consider these qualities when choosing a water feature for your desert garden

Consider these qualities when choosing a water feature for your desert garden

February 20, 2018 - The Desert Sun

Buried within every one of us is a primal response to water. It is a living legacy of early humans, who could not survive for long without this precious resource at hand. Water is pervasive in our historic literature; for example, biblical psalms often...

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Want to enhance your small garden or existing water feature?

Looking to upgrade your fountain or small water feature? Or maybe you'd like to add a water feature to an existing garden or pond? Check out the video of our new Spillway Bowls, and visit our...

Builders DIY: Designing your Garden - Adding a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden can have a smoothing, calm effect. Watch our DIY guy Andrew show you how to build your own in the garden. View products and shop online with Builders....

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Garden Ponds and Pools - Their Construction, Stocking and Maintenance

Garden Ponds and Pools - Their Construction, Stocking and Maintenance

Read Books Ltd. 2018

“Garden Ponds and Pools” is a vintage guide to large garden water features, with chapters on designing, constructing, populating, and maintaining them. Written in simple language and full of handy tips and hints, this volume is perfect for those wanting to make the most of their garden with the inclusion of an eye-catching pond or pool. Contents include: “Site, Construction and Design”, “Fountains”, “Light and 'Balance'”, “Aquatic and Marginal Plants”, “Fishes”, “General Maintenance”, “Unwelcome Visitors”, “Fish Diseases and Remedies”, and “Addendum—Useful Appliances”. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially...

Water Feature

Water Feature

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Stressed at the end of a trying day? Create Your Own Personal Oasis! By installing a water feature! How would you like to arrive home at the end of a trying day and have the stresses roll off your shoulders in waves? And we don't mean just a little bit of relaxation . . . we're talking serious kickback time. If you answered 'Yes!' then read on. 3 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Oasis We aren't joking. With all the stresses placed on you each day, it only makes sense to create your own retreat where you can totally relax just makes good sense. 1.Creating a "quiet mind" can lead to overall good health. 2.A serene environment that includes a water feature increases your property value. 3.Entertaining becomes an "event" when activities are enjoyed around a water feature. If you have...

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Last update was on: January 9, 2019 7:22 am

  1. the nozzle handle broke before I got to test it out. As I was rolling up my hose, I tossed the nozzle IN THE RAIN SOAKED GRASS about 3′ from my body. Did I say “tossed”? I meant dropped. There was little force behind the drop. Well, the handle broke nearly clean off at where it is riveted to the metal part of the nozzle. It seems I am not the only one with this problem in the reviews. The reason for not giving 1 star is because their customer outreach is good. I haven’t tried to return this yet, but their message indicates they stand behind their product. Of course, I will update this review upon returning the broken nozzle, but it seems like this riveted connection is the nozzle’ s Achilles heel. Hopefully this will be addressed in a newer version.UPDATE: I didn’t even have to contact customer service! Their CS rep helped me through the comments section of this review, and I am told the handle issue has been resolved in a new version with a metal handle. I look forward to trying out the replacement nozzle. I will update the rating as soon as I receive the new version, but I already added a third star for excellent customer service.UPDATE: I received the replacement nozzle within a couple of days of contact with JP in customer service. They really do care whether or not you like their product. The new version with the metal handle is much sturdier. I’m not going to throw it off the roof or anything, but it looks like it will hold up to my level of use. The pressure is great, even for my old 1950’s plumbing, and I love all the different settings. Plus it’s a bright cherry red enamel finish that looks like it won’t chip anytime soon. I hope this helps anyone doubting them because of the handle issue. It’s been solved.

  2. After having this product for 5 months the front screw has rusted and the entire housing is leaking. I wish I could return this item or use it as a sprinkler…waste of $$$$.

  3. Finally, a well-built, solid garden hose nozzle.Over the last few years I’ve purchased TONS of nozzles. I’m not a cheap person and don’t mind paying a little more for quality, but no matter how expensive a nozzle was at Home Depot or Lowes, within a pretty short time it would start leaking, otherwise malfunction, or just plain break. I also went the other way and started buying super cheap, simpler nozzles – same problems.Thought I’d give this one a try and it’s GREAT. Almost all metal, solidly built, been using it for months and it works as well as they day I bought it. I’ve paid this much or more for nozzles, but this one is actually worth it. Highly recommended.

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