Gazebo Mosquito Netting

Gazebo Mosquito Netting


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  • The Mosquito Net can fit most 10' x 12' gazebos. It is also designed to use with Lowe's allen roth 12-ft L x 10-ft W gazebo #355094 & 510327.
  • Replacement Mosquito Netting ONLY. Not including canopy and metal models. 100% polyester, Weather-resistant, CPAI-84 US Standard fire-retardant fabric.


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Mosquito Netting Screen for 10' x 10' Gazebo cheap

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Outdoor Patio Gazebo Mosquito Netting

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Gazebo Mosquito Netting

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  1. We’ve been having a lot of mosquito issues here in Texas since the wave of storms in May. The mosquito problem is awful right now, with many different species and a huge number of them. I’ve been trying out numerous types of control, from oils, sprays, incense, coils and Thermacell.Out of all the different products, this is the one I was most excited about, especially after reading all of the positive reviews. Not only would I be able to use this in the yard, but I intended to take it with me backpacking and camping too.First TestThe device itself is packaged nicely, and comes with the butane bottle and 3 pads. The first time I tried it, the wind was blowing moderately, as it does in this part of the world. We literally set the device right next to us, upwind so it would blow the vapor our way. I could visually tell that it was on, as there was a faint orange light, and the wispy vapor emanating from the device confirmed it.However, it did nothing to repel the mosquitos who wanted to feast on us. They were still bold and coming right up to us. I gave up and sprayed myself with Insect Shield oil spray, and that kept them at bay. Perhaps the wind was reducing the effectiveness?Second TestSo, I waited until we had a calm day, and headed out again with Thermacell. Once again, I placed it right next to me, upwind. Again, the device seemed to provide no protection at all from hungry mosquitos. They were still flying all around me, and trying to land. This time, I lit some citronella incense and they immediately flew away. So, now it’s not looking so great for Thermacell.Pad LongevityI went ahead and left the pad burning to see how long it would last. The first time I used it for 1 hour, and this time, I let the clock run. Well, I was dismayed to see the pad turned white within the 3 hour total mark, which is less than the advertised 4 hour total. Overall, this made for a disappointing experience with this device, and as much as I wanted it to work, it just didn’t for me. Not keeping, and can not recommend this item.

  2. Add Thermacell to the list of handiest little inventions on Earth. These things do actually work. You will need the butane refills, and the replacement repellent mats. A mat will last about 4 hours. I usually can get about two turkey hunts out of each mat in the spring (since I only turn it on when I am sitting down). The butane cartridge will last around 12 hours.These things are indispensable for spring turkey hunting, and deer don’t seem to notice them, so they would be good for fall archery as well. My wife discovered mine last year, and it gets a considerable bit of use on the back porch. Last year while at friend’s home in Florida, they almost were ready to cancel a backyard crawfish boil due to the severity of the mosquitos, but I broke this thing out and all was well. Although, we were huddled pretty closely till my buddy got back from a special Wal-Mart trip with a couple more Thermacells. Each unit will protect an area about the size of a small round patio table (or an average ground blind for the hunters).Keep in mind, these need to lay flat while in operation, and they do produce a little heat. So if you are considering the holster (additional purchase), just realize you can’t operate it while it is clipped to you. I don’t use the holster myself, as the unit fits in a shirt pocket and I just lay it beside me during use. These things are great for most outdoor activities – hunting, fishing, cookouts, on the tractor, etc.; but as mentioned you can’t really place it on your person while it is on – so probably not good for active sports (e.g. tennis, running, underwater basket weaving, etc.). In summation, I highly recommend Thermacell to anyone who goes outdoors, exhales CO2, and dislikes mosquito bites.THANKSThanks for reading my review.

  3. This thing works. This is my third and fourth unit. The first two gave me many years of service but eventually the ignitors gave out. Mosquitoes will leave you alone with them going but not immediately. It needs a few minutes to get up to temp. These are slightly different then my first two but only cosmetically. Really like these.

  4. Positive feedback: Love this gazebo. Purchased this to go over my Intex Hot Tub and it is wonderful. The insect netting looks nice and is quite functional. There are also little shelves built into the corner supports. It looks much more expensive than it actually was so it really adds to the overall visual appeal of my backyard. My bf’s family had one for years and loved it as well.Needs improvement: We tried setting it up and did an inventory of the pieces and had everything we needed based on matching up the item labels (part a, part b, etc…). We get to one of the last steps and realized that 4 of the support bars were not all the same. They were labeled as the same part but one of the bars was shorter and different than the rest (it didn’t match any other pieces in the set so must have been for a different gazebo they make). We called customer service and they told us we’d have to box it back up and ship the entire thing back. It was already 95% set up with the box broken down so this was not an option. They gave us a hard time about sending a replacement part and only offered to fix the situation after we mentioned we would just return it as is to amazon and buy from someone else. We were told they were sending a replacement part and had been waiting for over a week (they shipped it after we called back to ask about tracking).

  5. Nice gazebo the iron pieces are a little lite duty the top it seems like there is something missing

  6. Great product! No diapointments here

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