Greenhouse Humidifier

Greenhouse Humidifier


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  • This excellent quality humidifier features a multi-directional fogging head
  • The coverage is from 160 to 320 sq ft, depending on humidification requirements and ceiling height


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10pcs Greenhouse Humidifier Plant Misting Cross atomizing nozzle sprinkler

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Sierra Wireless Showcases Latest IoT Technology and Innovations at Mobile World Congress 2018

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Weekend project: diy greenhouse fogger

This Weekend i made a diy greenhouse fogger of a pond mist machine, bucket and a small computer fan.

New Humidifier in my Greenhouse

3 gal per hour Humidifier in my greenhouse.

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Last update was on: October 24, 2018 4:29 pm


  1. Hi, I purchased the ideal-air 700860 humidifier on 8/31/15 for my gourmet mushroom growing operation. It has been working great. I recently expanded and needed more humidity, so I purchased a second humidifier (exact same model). The second one did not produce nearly as much fog as the original. I assumed it was defective, so I exchanged it, but the replacement is doing the exact same thing. The fog is almost non existent compared to the original that I purchased last year. I don’t know if the manufacturer has changed something since last year, or I am possibly getting a bad batch and I should try a different supplier.

  2. This thing is so much better than the CAP HUM1 and a lot cheaperI was using! It allows you to choose a set point and then you can set your high and low points as well. It also has a time delay setting so you can prevent either device from turning on immediately after the other.For example I set the main RH set point to 65 and the High to +5 and the Low to -5. This gives me an effective RH Range of 60 to 70. If the humidity goes above 70 the dehumidifier is activated and if it goes below 60 the humidifier is activated.The small sensor is nice so you can place that where you want but it could have a longer wire, overall its not a huge deal and I’m sure you could find an extension wire if you really wanted to.The display is not extremely bright but I do not have any issues reading it. The instructions are sufficient but not excellent, its easy enough to understand how to set your options once you play with it a bit.

  3. Simply the best humidifier on the market… Yes it will spit out a little bit of moisture but the benefits heavily out weigh that

  4. These are fantastic! I use these for climate control for my Boa Constrictor and they’ve made my humidifiers a lot more efficient in terms of water consumption and I bought the temperature control version from the same company, so energy efficient as well. Most importantly however, is that they’ve made the climate CONTROLLED. These allow me to keep the climate as consistent as I’d like!Pros: Two outlets for two devices, one for a humidifier and one for a dehumidifier. This allows you to specify a bottom limitation as well as an upper limitation. Within the range you provide, neither device receives power. Above or below the range, a specific clearly labeled outlet is given power appropriately. Another setting is given for alarms if you’d like them, VERY useful if, like me, your humidifier becomes efficient enough that you only have to refill it every few days. The alarm is loud enough to wake you up if it’s in the same room, or probably the next room even. Can be heard over most ambient noise in other floors of the house if you’re awake. This has truly taken a lot of hassle out of pet maintenance for me.Cons: If like me you have little use for a dehumidifier, you’ll quickly wish the system had a setting for two humidifiers instead of 1 of each. Or if you’re in the opposite situation as well. But, it’s definitely not like they aren’t clear as to how it works, so if this is a problem for you, there definitely shouldn’t be any surprises.All in all, I liked it enough that I bought a second one when I got a second snake, and I highly recommend this device and this brand.

  5. works perfectly. easy to set your desired humidity as well as how far from that desired level you want it to turn on. I have this set up with a humidifier and a dehumidifier. i have it set to 50%, with a plus or minus 5% before it turns on. so if the humidity drops below 45% the humidifier turns on until it hits 50% again then turns off perfect but even better if it gets above 55% the dehumidifier will correct it. this one item automated a huge part of my indoor gardening.

  6. I see some negative reviews on this humidifier. Thing is that it is a commercial humidifier and it does produce a lot of humidity. I run two in each of my grow rooms at my mushroom farm and these guys keep things up to 99% humidity (which is good for mushrooms). I have them plumbed with so there is hardly any upkeep with the occasional clean up. (Pluming it was easy and hooked 4 up for about $50 to one hose) I recommend this product if you need a space very moist, I couldn’t imagine having one in my home though.

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