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  • Portable folding grill with built-in handle for easy transport and storage
  • Delivers 6,000 BTUs of heat across 105 sq. in. of grilling surface
  • Adjustable horseshoe burner for precise temperature control and even heating
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Coleman 2000020926 Fold N Go Portable Propane LP Gas Compact Grill w Regulator

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Last update was on: October 4, 2018 5:14 pm


  1. This is one of the finest budget charcoal grills. Some background — since 1995 I have been using a Char-Grill grill; it was outstanding until rust got it. This was a much BIGGER grill, with heavy cast iron grates, a swing-out gate to put in more charcoal, and a bottom pan to catch ashes. Easy enough to clean and worked well enough.When it bit the dust a few weeks ago, I was a bit hesitant to order the Weber. Looking at in person, it just seemed small. It *IS* smaller than the old Char-Grill I had. No side tables, either. However, all that has some advantages. I used it this past Mother’s Day to cook ribs and chicken, and it came out fabulous.First off, there are no hinges to rust, and the grill itself is very lightweight, easy to move into the center of my yard where I always grill (away from the house). Assembly was easy, requiring a screwdriver and hammer (and in my case, a handy pair of pliers from my Victorinox Swisstool multi-tool — assembly tip — put the spring clips in the legs NOT in the leg receivers as shown in the assembly instructions). Total time, about an hour, one person, no stress. Once assembled, everything was solid.Compared to my old grill, the charcoal is closer to the food, and the heat directed much more towards the center. So my cook time was about 15 minutes less for the chicken (indirect method — I heavily marinate the chicken) and about 20 minutes less for baby back pork ribs. The temp got a LOT hotter.No hinges and such make lifting the lid off a hassle — make sure you lift off SLOWLY and rest on the hook. BUT that means one less piano style hinge avoiding rust out and so on. The thermometer is totally replaceable from Weber, as is the grill, etc. So if anything DOES break, you can replace it not the entire grill. That’s a huge deal — Weber has TONS of accessories for this grill which is very popular. Including center pans and grills for making whole turkeys and chickens. I plan to get that for Thanksgiving.Adding charcoal is easy — just lift up the grill side plates and add it in. I’d advise if you are moving from a bigger grill, to adjust downward your estimate of how much charcoal you’ll need. I’d add in the charcoal from your chimney starter and then just add as needed, if you have a drip pan in the center which I highly recommend. I added too much charcoal moving from my old grill and that was a bit hairy.Again, this grill burns hotter, with heat redirected due to the circular design, back to the center of the grill, and uses less charcoal compared to the rectangular shaped grills.Clean-up? Easy. Much easier than my old grill. The stainless steel grills are both light and small enough to fit (at least partially) in the sink and get scrubbed with warm soapy water. The top grill with grease and food required also some Kleen-King stainless steel/copper cleanser to get the stains off, result is fabulous. The ash catcher works great and the little sweeper does a nice job of removing most of the ash. I used a hose to hose out the last bit of ash and dried the inside off with an old t-shirt as ash is corrosive and we do get dew around here. The ash pot goes nicely in a trash bag and disposal of the ash is easy.You will want a side table with this grill. You can build your own or buy one at a hardware store. That’s about the only downside I can think of.Really, this is a fabulous grill. Don’t let the relatively small size fool you — for three/four people it is quite sufficient. And if you need more space you can get the bigger grill or just buy two.

  2. This is my 3rd Weber charcoal grill in 46 years. The design improvements are many. The box arrived in fine condition. No damage from the journey at all. The assembly instructions are visual only, no words. Very clear and well done. The new side handle design is a very welcome improvement. One on each side now. The top handle is massively improved over the old wood piece. The ash catcher and the interior blades to open and close the grill bottom are brilliantly designed and effortless to install. The blades inside are very well fitted. Excellent tolerances maintained.Welcome to the family Weber number 3!#Weber

  3. First off, I have to tell you that this is the first grill I have ever used. As a single woman, I was never interested in grilling until I bought a house two years ago and built a deck in the backyard. With all that outdoor space to enjoy, I just knew I needed a grill for entertaining (and feeding) family and friends. I thought I might buy a grill and just let my dad or brother handle the grilling, but much to my surprise I really got into it and loved grilling hamburgers and hot dogs on this Weber kettle grill for my first backyard party just yesterday!I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this grill from Amazon. I chose a charcoal grill over propane because I didn’t want to deal with propane tanks (a friend had his grill go up in flames because of a loose hose and nearly burned his house down–No thank you!), I like the taste and smell from charcoal grills more, and most importantly because of the cost. It was less expensive to get a nice charcoal grill like this one than to get an equally nice propane grill. The entry cost into grilling was more reasonable with a charcoal grill. This freed up funds to get some important accessories, which I recommend to anyone buying this grill: a chimney starter, grilling tools like tongs, fork, etc, a steel brush to clean the grates, the Weber Fire starter cubes, and some heavy duty mitts to protect your hands and forearms while grilling. I purchased all these from Amazon at the same time I purchased the grill.As for choosing a which charcoal grill to get, I chose this model over the lesser expensive model because of the ash catcher, and I’m glad I did.The grill arrived in its original box and was easy to put together on my own, with the exception of attaching the ash catcher itself. But I just kept trying (and referring to the picture-only instructions) and eventually got it. It was put together in about 40 minutes, and that was putting it together myself.One of the best things I did was lookup videos online about this grill to see how it was used and put together. I learned about closing the vents on the lid and on the bottom to reduce heat, and how to quickly get the charcoal ready for grilling by using a chimney starter and Weber Fire Starter cubes (which I highly recommend getting).As my brother and dad arrived to my house yesterday for our Memorial Day BBQ, each were skeptical about this charcoal grill because they have propane grills at home and like the convenience of them. “It will take an hour to get to coals ready,” said my brother. “Those burgers are way too thick to cook through. They’ll be raw in the middle,” said my dad.Both were surprised when the charcoal was ready within about 20 minutes using the chimney! And after getting some nice grill marks on both sides of the burgers, I put the lid on and closed the vents to let them finish cooking the middle of the burgers in a lower heat. The burgers turned out perfectly! The best compliment was Dad and others asking me how I grilled these thick burgers so well without burning them to dust. LOL! It’s all in the vents! And I think investing in an awesome grill helped, too.My brother and dad both were asking about the grill by the end of the party. I think they might be considering trading in their propane grills for their own Weber kettle grills soon. ;)Lastly, just a bit of advice to any amateur grill masters like myself out there… Do yourself a favor and start out with this grill. All of the excellent reviews tell you that it’s a good grill. The fact that so many experienced backyard chefs keep returning to their Weber kettle grills is very telling. Also, be sure to look up recipes at YouTube. I searched for “hamburger on charcoal grill” and found lots of videos with great advice on getting perfect burgers. And bonus! Nearly all of the people in the videos were using a Weber kettle grill. 🙂

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