Grill Stand

Grill Stand


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  • Front-loading design allows you to slide the grill back and lock it in Place
  • Built-in wire transport handle , Storage Capacity - 25 cubic feet
  • Hook and loop strap keep grill in Place on stand in transport mode


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Outdoor Portable Barbecue Grill Folding Support Stand For Picnic Camping Stove

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Last update was on: February 14, 2019 7:47 pm
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Diamond Jim's tavern in East Dundee reopens this week with 19th century look

Diamond Jim's tavern in East Dundee reopens this week with 19th century look

March 14, 2018 - Chicago Tribune

The pub has also gone back to one of its original names: Diamond Jim's Tavern and Gas Grill. Condo is also the owner of two Algonquin restaurants: Thirsty Whale Bar, 1700 S. Randall Road, and Iron Horse Bar & Grill, 3965 W. Algonquin Road. He's excited...

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DIY Barbecue Grill Cart. Build it yourself! Easy woodworking project.

Get $5 off your first order from Harry's! Enter promo code WOODWORKING at checkout. ▻▻ ▻▻ This BBQ grill stand is super easy to make and a lot cheaper than...

Grill Stand From Scrap Material

We had a bunch of 2 foot drops off cedar decking, and I found a use for them looks great and serves a needed function! 2 for the price of NOTHING!!!

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The Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention

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Fire Up the Grill!

Fire Up the Grill!

Filipacchi Publishing. 2018

Grilling is great, and this cookbook has no-mess, no-fuss recipes for meat, fish, veggies, drinks, dips, and desserts.

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Last update was on: February 14, 2019 7:47 pm


  1. For all of the people that enjoy a beer can chicken this is the perfect product you will never have to cut open the top of a can ever again! The can opens easily and is the perfect size for any chicken, and the tray is great for barbecuing with the side stick on skewers for potatoes or any veggie of your choice. I would definitely recommend this item you can use it on your barbecue or even in your oven. You can infuse any marinade from the inside out making it a tasty way to fill your chicken with flavor that is perfectly seasoned throughout

  2. I use this for both h wings and legs. The tray on the bottom catches all the grease keeping your grill much cleaner. I tried cooking vegetables in it but they sit in pure chicken grease and that’s not the healthiest way to cook veggies so I don’t use it that way any longer. 5 stars because I cook perfect chicken with this thing. Crispy and grease free when you smoke it.

  3. “ The chicken drumstick is the only part of the chicken that I actually like and this rack makes them much easier to roast to perfection. I roasted a batch the first day I got this rack in the oven, not the grill. They came out perfect with the skin crunchy all the way around without turning. I love it. “

  4. While the steel quality is perhaps just a notch below the competing Steven Rachlin beer can chicken roast rack, in my opinion the bigger tray here along with the locking cannister makes this a better buy. Additionally, one can download a free barbeque recipe book with this purchase…an option not even offered on the competing product. Finally, the vegetable spikes allow for corn or other veggies to be cooked with the chicken.I had a Jamaican Jerk rubbed cornish hen ready to go for this tool on the very day that it arrived. For the cannister I used a mojo criollo marinade instead of beer. While the instructions call for 60 – 90 mins at 350 F, I turned up the heat a little beyond 350 and the chicken was done in 60 mins, as was the corn. The next time I’ll hold the heat at 350 and cook longer for more crispy skin. The chicken/cornish hen came out incredibly moist and flavorful…very happy with the way the roaster cooks.

  5. This is a great concept — better than any other beer can chicken roaster I have tried on a grill. The tray is deep, and the can attachment on the rack makes it easy to remove the chicken without getting stuck or spilling the contents. The veggie attachments are a nice touch. The price is good for what you get. However, I hope the manufacturer continues to improve on the materials. Here are my criticisms: The pan warped immediately from the heat of the grill, the way a cheap cookie sheet warps from the heat of an oven. While it is true that you can put this in the dishwasher, it will not clean up very well even in the best dishwasher. You will still need to spend 15 minutes giving the tray and the racks a good scrub if you don’t want the burned residue and fat on your next meal (this is because of the pan corners and narrow wire-like rack and attachments). The clean up issue probably is true with any roaster, along with some heat discoloration. I don’t expect this to last for more than a dozen uses — it is not very sturdy and the connection points look pretty fragile. However, I WILL buy it again, because it makes a fabulous chicken!

  6. I LOVE this. No more turning the legs to keep them from burning. The drip tray keeps my grill cleaner too. They say you can cook veggies under the legs but if you need to turn them, it is a bit tricky. The legs hover just above the tray. Cleans up nice in the dishwasher. Though caramelization on the tray needs scrubbing like with anything else. Nothing a good soak and some popcorn popper cleaner won’t take care of. Seriously look up kettle popcorn cleaner (like the movie theater style poppers). That stuff busts through baked on oil like nobody’s business

  7. Very surprised at how sturdy this is. Heavy enough but light enough to move and carry. Lot’s of cooking space on the fold up sides and bottom. It’s also attractive, a nice dark grey. Great price!

  8. Purchased this for my Weber q200 that seems to be indestructible. Grill fits perfectly on top in the center after taking the shelves off of each side of the Weber Q. Cuisinart Grill stand is very sturdy,Got my 20 lb propane tank underneath on that shelf holds it perfectly got it in a milk crate. I can highly recommend this Grill stand 4 a grill that is size of the q200 Weber.

  9. This is a piece of junk. The lower rail portion is riveted to the frame. I opened the unit and after using it I folded it back and a riveted piece fell right off.I am going to try and bolt the part back on but if you prefer a better built grilling table, shop elsewhere. This unit is a POS.

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