Grill Zone Gas Grills

Grill Zone Gas Grills


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  • NEW FEATURES - This unit comes equipped with Blackstone's new and improved side shelf giving the user a removable cutting board, convenient paper towel holder, and strategically placed trash bag hooks. PLUS Blackstone's new rear grease management system to help eliminate mess.


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NEW Universal Fit Large H Burner Gas Grill Replacement Part Stainless Steel

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Conditions perfect for fire

Conditions perfect for fire

March 12, 2018 - Abilene Recorder Chronicle

“Make a buffer zone around your property. It's more critical in the rural areas because (fire) response time is delayed. It could take 20 minutes or more for a fire truck to get to you,” Smith said. “So lessening that fire load is important.” It's not...

Traeger's Wi-Fi connected grill is delicious overkill

Traeger's Wi-Fi connected grill is delicious overkill

February 12, 2018 - TechCrunch

As a fan of both meat and fire, the Traeger Timberline 850 hits right in my rib zone. This powerful – and expensive – smoking grill is more like an outdoor oven than the chintzy charcoal or gas grill you've been using and the unique pellet system adds...

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Meat Grilling

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  1. Very well built product. It’s by far the most solid BBQ I’ve ever owned. The heat seems to be perfectly evenly distributed, no hot spots. Just last night I cooked chicken that had been marinating in olive oil and spices. With my previous BBQ’s, I would have had to babysit the BBQ due to the flare ups from the oil. I had no flare ups due to the covers over the heat sources. Great product

  2. I got the natural gas variant, since my new house had a convenient gas outlet already built in to the covered patio area. Love it so far – had the burners going just half way on all three burners and it got up to 400 degrees in just a few minutes, and kept climbing – to keep it at 400 on all three burners, I had to just about bring all three down to the minimum heat. cooked evenly the first few grillings I’ve done in a few days.THE NATURAL GAS MODEL DOES COME WITH THE 3/8″ QUICK DISCONNECT ALREADY!. I didn’t find any mention of the 3/8″ quick disconnect included in the package, even on the Weber manual and user guide nor on any reviews I’ve seen (since most grills are LP anyways). I already purchased separately a quick disconnect fitting for ~15 dollars…All I needed to hook up the grill to the 1/2″ gas outlet (that already had a shut off valve) were 1/2″ nipple, 1/2″ to 3/8″ reducer fitting, 3/8″ nipple (and yellow teflon tape), since the quick disconnect was included in the grill package.just two minor complaints (not worth deducting any stars) that I have so far are:1. I wish the manual or user guide provided online would clearly state what fitting is already included – i.e. the 3/8″ quick disconnect.2. I wish the casters had leveling feature like some other brands do. my covered patio is a little decline away from the house to drain water away from the hosue, and the grill is tilting to one side as it sits – will need to stick something underneath to level the grill.

  3. I was skeptical at spending $700+ dollars on a grill. I’m not a grill master or a grill snob. Our last charbroil lasted many years and I think we only paid less than $200 for it, but it was time for a new grill (damn squirrel chewed through the gas line). A former coworker (and grill snob) convinced me to spend the money on this particular Weber grill. I wasn’t allowed to get the two burner version because I apparently want to have three burners for indirect grilling. So I pulled the trigger and for the most part I am extremely happy.What I don’t like about this unit is the odd placement of the ignition and electronic unit for the available thermometer. Or possibly the Amazon Assembly didn’t put it together properly? What would solve this is having doors and enclosing the bottom portion of the grill just like every other grill manufacturer does.I’ll post a couple of pictures of the wires and placement of the electronics unit… maybe someone can advise that it is improperly installed or something.Other than that the grill is great probably will last a long time.One odd thing about purchasing the grill and assembly through Amazon… neither the delivery nor assembly people would place the grill where it was to be used. Maybe that is asking too much?

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