Grow Room Supplies

Grow Room Supplies


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  • ExHale 365 is a self-activated version of the Original CO2 Bag.
  • The 365 will provide a 4x4 foot or 128 cubic foot space with CO2 for 9 months of which 6 months are peak production


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NEW: Couple charged with running marijuana 'grow house'

NEW: Couple charged with running marijuana 'grow house'

February 27, 2018 - MyPalmBeachPost

In a bathroom, investigators found liquid fertilizer and growing supplies, lights, buckets and growing material. In a bedroom converted to a grow room, the deputies found that plants had "recently been harvested." The deputies found six high-intensity...

Saudi Arabia and US, seen as oil market rivals, are actually growing together, says Saudi Aramco CEO

Saudi Arabia and US, seen as oil market rivals, are actually growing together, says Saudi Aramco CEO

March 6, 2018 - CNBC

Asked whether supplies from U.S. shale fields will start crowding out Saudi crude, Nasser noted that forecasts for oil demand see the world consuming an extra 1.4 million to 1.7 million barrels a day in coming years, fueled by strong economic growth...

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The Items You Need to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Beginner growers: the Items you need to start growing marijuana indoors. More info at

What Equipment do you really need to grow Marijuana indoors?

Click to buy: To grow indoors, you need a grow tent, a good light, air fan and smell filter. Click to buy:

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Apricots and Wolfsbane

Apricots and Wolfsbane

Filles Vertes Publishing. 2017

Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis

Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis

Tin House Books. 2017

Everything a home-grower needs to understand, cultivate, and enjoy cannabis. As prohibition wanes, and cannabis aficionados of all stripes come out from the shadows, the old stereotypes are fading. The benefits of cannabis are undeniable—medicinally, sure, but also for stress, for creativity, and for relaxation. And as any homebrewer, winemaker, or backyard gardener can tell you, there’s a particular joy in doing it yourself. Whether you’re new to cannabis and need to walk through the basics, or you’re an experienced grower looking to hone your techniques, Grow Your Own provides all the background and instruction you need to set up a grow space, raise your plants, and harvest your buds. It will teach you how to choose a strain based on its flavors and effects, how to to manage insects...

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  1. I’ve been using 6 months now and the bags are still thriving. The results are amazing, this is a great way to supplement CO2 with wonderful results. Pro tip is to break up the mass inside to create a lot of surface area for the white fuzz to grow all over the mulch. Break it up every other month to allow it to surge with new growth. I expect my bags to last at least another 6 months.

  2. Outstanding product works great. Looking forward to having tomato s year round. A little overwhelming when I first opened just read the instructions. I put some soap on zipper that I plan using but does work well. No light leaks in seams.

  3. Frankly, I love these ratcheting clips. I use these for fluorescent grow lights in my greenhouse and it is such a huge improvement from the stupid rope and pully system I had before. The clips are strong and the cord is extra long. I can see these being good for lights in a shed or for hanging planters or tons of other stuff! Maybe one of those mosquito traps in the backyard or to hoist your food up into a tree in bear country. Really great product for the price.

  4. I grow cannabis (legally). A lot of people claim these do not work, so I tried a little experiment. I placed the bag underneath my foliage in just one particular area in the 5×3 tent I have and didn’t move it the entire grow. In the area where the bag was placed there are 4 plants and the parts of the plants nearest to the bag have significantly bigger buds and higher vertical growth. If I had to put a number on it, they’re about 20% bigger.Could it be a coincidence? I guess, but I doubt it.My feelings: these work but you need 3-4 of them in a 5×3 grow tent to get the effectiveness.

  5. i give it a five star because it is the perfect size to build a cabinet for and if you go through the top vent and you had the cabinet built 1 foot higher and 8 to 9 inches taller with the proper ducting on a scale from 1 to 100 you can reduce all noise to 3 to 7 and using the foam noise repressing in the cabinet it’s great no one knows it’s there.

  6. Bag works great. Some are having bad experiences so let me try to lighten your load. This will not increase yields unless your plant you’re using it on has the max amount of light it can take. co2 will raise that maximum ceiling, allowing your plant to take in more light than usual but you first have to give your plant all the light it can take already which is hard to do sometimes.If you don’t give your plants all the light they can take while giving co2, you wont see much of any difference. Co2 works. It’s been proven, but you have to have everything else working too. You need about 300 watts per plant to all buds at around 1000 par to get it to do how you’re thinking or hoping its going to do.That being said, with a co2 bag, you can get a max of around 1500 par if available without burning your plants. Without co2, even 1000 par can be too much. Co2 expands the capabilities of your plants to intake everything, but you must be ready to give it everything as well or you’re just wasting money.

  7. I ended up taping this to the wall. It was too difficult to try to string.

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