Small Indoor Herb Garden

Small Indoor Herb Garden


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  • Set of three steel hand hammered planter with cream color powder coated finish. Tray approximately 5 inches wide by 16 inches long.
  • Each planter is approximately 4.5 inch diameter top opening, 4.5 inches high and includes a drain-hole. Designed to hold a standard 4 inch potted plant, plants not included.


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3-Tier Flower Herb Vertical Planter Gardening Pot Indoor Outdoor Small Garden

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Experiment with growing edibles indoors

March 9, 2018 - Hometown Focus

Keep these tips in mind when cultivating indoor edible gardens. Tomatoes: Tomatoes should be reserved for the sunniest spot in a home or one where additional UV light can be used. Tomatoes will need pots or containers that are roughly six inches deep...

Review: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest Wi-Fi

Review: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest Wi-Fi

February 21, 2018 - WIRED

Under a tiny canopy of red, white, and blue LEDs, six "pods" have gone from plastic dome-covered plugs of peat to a miniature herb garden. It's a little hydroponic setup that has become a glowing companion in Seattle's maddeningly wet winter. A...

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How to: Indoor Herb Garden

Hi everyone! Doing something a little bit different... A DIY project! This video is about how to make an indoor herb garden with mason jars! If you have questions about how to actually keep...

Phenomenal Indoor Herb Gardens

Great design ideas: how to grow an indoor herbal garden. Music:" Wigs" by Riot Downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library

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The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook

Wizard Publications, Inc.. 2017

The finest guidebook ever written for Kaua‘i. Now you can plan your best vacation— ever. This all new tenth edition is a candid, humorous guide to everything there is to see and do on the island. Best-selling author and longtime Hawai‘i resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, pristine reefs, delicious places to dine, relaxing resorts, exciting waterfalls, colorful canyons and so much more. Every restaurant, activity provider, business and resort is reviewed personally and anonymously. This book and a rental car are all you need to discover what makes Kaua‘i so exciting. • The most up-to-date and accurate information...

Herb Gardening

Herb Gardening

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Herb Gardening: (FREE Bonus Included) New Ultimate Guide! 30 Best Medicinal And Culinary Herbs to Plant, Dry and Preserve Herbs are an essential part of your food, they add flavor and often color to a dish. In fact, they can make the difference between a mediocre meal and a delicious treat. But, did you know that many herbs have a huge range of medicinal benefits and that these herbs can easily be grown within your garden. At the very most you will need a small greenhouse to complement your herb garden. Many herbs look similar to bushes with pretty flowers; they can be as valid an addition to your garden and aesthetically pleasing as a well planted flower garden....

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  1. This MIRACLE-GRO AEROGARDEN HARVEST ELITE is a much-improved version of the old 6-pod, small-footprint (11″ wide, 7-1/2″ deep) “Harvest Elite” Aerogarden. Instead of the classic base (with buttons for the settings), it has a new base with a liquid crystal display for the settings. The new display makes it easier to set up a new garden; allows you to program the time of day and the hours when the LED lights will be on; and lets you test the water pump operation.Because of its small footprint and good looks, the Harvest Elite is a good choice for a kitchen countertop herb garden. It comes with 20-watt LED lights (they should last 3-5 years), which save you money on electricity. The accompanying Gourmet Herb kit has non-GMO seeds, and includes Genovese basil, Thai basil, thyme, dill, mint, and curly parsley. (No chives–a good thing because my Aerogarden chives never seem to germinate.)Aerogardens are a snap to set up, and you can grow anything in them. However, this “Harvest Elite” isn’t the best choice for large, tall plants (e.g., tomatoes), because the water bowl capacity is small and the LED lights can’t be raised nearly as high as the lights on the 7- and 9-pod Aerogarden models. When larger, thirsty plants like tomatoes reach the “high growth” phase (maybe 4-6 weeks after germination), you will need to refill the water bowl daily.TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS: As an experienced Aerogarden hobbyist, I found the LCD display slightly confusing. You press OK twice to access the menu, use the arrow keys to reach the menu choices (e.g., clock, start a garden), and press OK to make a choice. To get out of the menu, you must “arrow down” to “Back Home” and hit OK. Once you’re out of the menu, the display will cycle, showing you (1) the time, (2) the days until nutrients should be added, and (3) the days planted.When I set up my new Harvest Elite, it repeatedly flashed “Add Water”, even though the bowl was full of water. I removed the plastic column that says “Fill to here” (a gentle twist is all it takes) to get at the water sensor (a plastic tube with a silver magnet at one end, see attached photo). When I swapped in the water sensor from one of my other Aerogardens, the “add water” message disappeared; then when I swapped the original water sensor back in, it worked too. Go figure. So if you encounter this problem, contact Aerogarden, because you may not need to return or exchange your “Harvest Elite”.COMPARISON TO OTHER MODELS. I own several Aerogarden models (all with LED lights, which save electricity and make your plants grow better), and I love all of them. My 7-pod “Ultra” is a programmable model that has a display showing garden status (e.g., how many days since planting); various timely indoor gardening tips (e.g., thin your seedlings when they reach a certain height); and prompts for adding water or nutrients. The display also allows me to type in custom hours for running the lights and the water pump.My 7-pod standard Aerogarden is a model with an aerator. This model may come with either an aerator or automatic water pump (the aerator works fine, but the water pump is better). The standard 7-pod Aerogarden is NOT programmable–it has a base with buttons for automatic settings (same as the older “Harvest Elite” 6-pod model, which I also own).My 9-pod “Bounty” is a programmable model with a display that is even more sophisticated than the 7-pod “Ultra” display (described above). It’s big enough to grow anything, including strawberries that need room to spread their leaves.What do I do with all these Aerogardens? I don’t have all of them in use all of the time, of course. I grow herbs for the kitchen (in the “Harvest Elite”); I grow cherry tomatoes and salad greens for fresh eating (in the 7-pod “Ultra”); I grow polka dot foliage and flowers for decoration (in the standard 7-pod “Aerogarden”); and, as previously mentioned, I grow miniature strawberries (in the 9-pod “Bounty”). (Strawberries are tricky to grow and not a good beginner’s project.) I’ve also started tomato plants from seed packets, and then transplanted the seedlings successfully outdoors.Aerogardening is hobby gardening–the yield of fruits and vegetables is never going to rival the yield from even a small outdoor garden. That said, the Aerogarden seed pod kits (like the “Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit” that comes with this “Harvest Elite”) have worked out very well for me. You can buy more sponges, plastic pods, and pod covers if you want to grow herbs or varieties of plants that aren’t sold in ready-to-plant seed pod kits. My own chive seeds grow very well in the Aerogardens, in fact.MANUFACTURER SUPPORT. The Aerogarden company gives excellent support. When the display on my “Ultra” base quit after a week, the company replaced the base at no charge even though I’d delayed to set up the Aerogarden until it was out of warranty. (The problem was a fairly rare one, and the replacement “Ultra” base has performed without incident.) The company also stands by its “germination guarantee” and will replace a seed pod kit if it fails to produce a plant.There are lots of FAQs and downloadable growing instructions on the Aerogarden web site. It’s a good idea to register your Aerogarden to get on the mailing list for new products and special offers. The company has a lot of Aerogarden accessories (e.g., an automatic Aerogarden waterer), and many different varieties seed pod kits available.

  2. This is the 3rd AeroGarden I have gotten. The others were the plain black ones from yester year. I have to say I do like the look of these new units, but although they look metal they are still plastic which is fine with me because they do look so good. These newer ones also have the LED lights instead of the CFL lights Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit.All of the AeroGardens are very easy to set up and this is no different. The one thing I am curious about, once the plants start to get really big, is the space for filling it up with water. In the old model practically the whole front lifts up so you can pour water in. With this one there is a small space on the top of the garden to pour water in. I will have to come back and update if it’s a pain in the butt to get water in once the plants are big.One thing I do like about this one over the old model is that it is even quieter – and the last one was pretty quiet. I also like the front LED display:1. It has a clock2. It has a counter for the number of days planted3. It has a count down for when nutrients and water need to be addedAt the writing of this review I am about 11 days into the planting and 3 pods are already well on their way to growing. The others have not sprouted yet, but they are slow growing herbs. If they don’t sprout for some reason I know AeroGarden stands behind their product and will replace the pods. That is something they have always done and I appreciate that type of customer service a lot.The one thing I never understood, and frankly don’t like, is when they give you like 3 types of basil in your kit. I’d much rather have 1 basil, 1 oregano, 1 cilantro or some other varied combination just to mix things up a little bit.Overall being an AeroGarden user for many many years I am highly pleased with the way this one looks and operates (minus the place to pour water in. That is still to be determined). I like that I get the guarantee on the pods, I like that a small bottle of nutrients comes with this kit. I definitely recommend getting the bigger bottle because once your plants start growing they keep on growing for months. You can order it here Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients (1 Quart).UPDATE: April 1, 2017 – After almost 4 months of use and having all the pods grow, I can say there is no need for concern about getting the water in to the unit. Even when the plants were fully grown, it was very easy access to getting the water and nutrients in the AeroGarden. I’d also like to add the motor remained quiet and the timer worked flawlessly for the past 4 months.

  3. You couldn’t ask for an easier way to garden. Assembly of the AeroGarden is extremely simple, and the instructions are straightforward and clear. Basically all you have to do is plug the light framework onto an expanding tube and insert it in the garden base unit; fill the base unit with water (tap water is fine, unless you have well water, in which case you need to use distilled water); add some nutrient mix; and then plop the little seed pods into the holes, making sure to place the shorter plants in front and the taller plants in rear. The LED panel at the front walks you through the process, and the whole thing from opening the box to finish took maybe 15 minutes. The first plants sprouted after only 3 days, and by two weeks all 9 pods have sprouted. It’s been amazing and a lot of fun to check on them every day and see how much the plants have grown in just 24 hours. The photo I’m attaching to this review was taken on Day 14.A few comments that might be helpful for those considering this unit:1. The light panel is bright. Really bright. We’re talking harsh, almost industrial strength bright. Consider carefully where you want to place the garden and whether having bright blinding light emanating from it 17 hours a day is going to bother you. I had initially set the garden up in our dining room but found the light too distracting while trying to watch TV in the adjoining living room. I ended up moving the unit to our basement, where it works nicely and in fact even serves as a handy night-light letting me navigate the stairs without having to turn the lights on. The unit is pretty heavy once it’s filled with water, and you have to balance it carefully to avoid splashing, so it’s better to pick the right spot first.2. When I unpacked the box, I initially thought that an error had been made and the nutrient bottle had not been included. I was mentally gnashing my teeth and getting ready to call customer service, but when I opened the little container that was labeled “seed pods,” I discovered that the nutrient bottle had also been stashed there. The company could avoid confusion by indicating so on the outside of the container.3. I think this garden could be especially fun (and educational!) for families with children… it’s a great way of teaching kids about the life cycle of plants as they watch the plants sprout and grow.My bottom line? The AeroGarden is incredibly easy to use and a lot of fun. I can’t wait for the plants to be big enough to start harvesting. But as to whether I’d recommend it, well, that depends on the answer to the following question: How much money do you have? This gardening unit is pretty expensive (at the time of writing this review, it was listing in the neighborhood of $375). You’d have to grow a LOT of herbs before it became cost-effective. In fact, the unit is so pricey I docked my rating a star. If you’re wealthy and/or looking for a great present to give the person who has everything, the AeroGarden is a wonderful idea. But, sadly, I think it is priced out of the range of most families.

  4. UPDATE: 12-18-2017:I have rated my review down to 2 stars due a recent change in customer service by the company. While I like the Bounty, and they still talk about their great warranties, unfortunately they have changed and now support is terrible and they DO NOT HONOR their warranty. Good luck reaching them. I have failed.The pump in the bounty failed at 8 months, and I also lost some seeds because of that. I figured I’d try their “guaranteed to grow support, as well as the regular 1 year warranty on the Bounty). So I contacted them for support through both phone and email and I am/was being ignored, then someone responded via email 2 weeks after initial request. In the email it said to try a few things and contact them again. So I proceed to test, and the pump still failed, so I sent them a reply with the information, and also asked to get replacement pods through their guaranteed to grow policy. It’s been 3 weeks now and nothing. No pump, no pods, no other response. They have continued to release products, but after this experience I will never purchase anything from them again. Too bad, they don’t have real competition.I will try calling again, but this whole thing left a bad taste…– end of update –I’ve had the previous top of the line (ultra led) garden for a few years, my review of that unit is several pages long, If you want a lot of detail, including a short video, check my other review. I’ll just describe the features, instead of the play by play growth and more on the other. I am rating it as 3 stars, if in 3-4 months my cherry tomatoes grow well, ill bump up the review to 4 star.Pros:- Panel saves settings in case of a power outage (this is perhaps the biggest improvement over the ultra which was iffy at best). You do have to reset the time, even if it’s just a power flicker, which is annoying, but at least it keeps your other settings (lights on time, lights off time, days planted, and most importantly when is the next day to add nutrients).- UPDATE: we had a power outage (or flicker) it was just about 1 minute long. Bounty and Ultra all kept the “days planted” setting, and all kept the light schedule as I had selected. The ultras both lost the time for nutrients (which is really annoying, since it is a process to fix it, and then you have to fix it back. The bounty kept the nutrient setting fine. However, the bounty lost the “garden type” setting. It got reset from tomatoes, the to the default of herb garden).- 45 watt panel (please send me a note after March 2017 and I’ll comment more on the differences)- Their guarantee to grow support is slow but good. They have followed through every time. (If a plant doesn’t grow, they’ll ship you another seed pod free).Neutral:- If you want to grow lettuce and basil, the ULTRA LEDor Extra LED are cheaper and do a great job, maybe just as good. So save your money. I’ve had bad luck with cherry tomatoes on those, and I’m currently growing some on this Bounty, and will update this review in 4 months or so.- Stainless steel finish is fine, and the extra cost over the regular plastic one is sometimes just $20 dollars depending on the sale. It does look nicer than the plastic.- The base is identical in size to the ultra/extra LED. They go to the same height, same width, same length. Basically, you aren’t getting a bigger garden. They added 2 more holes, which simply means your plants are going to get all stuck together and not have enough space to grow. So you’ll probably get just as much produce out of the 7 slot ultra/extra gardens than the 9 slot bounty. To give you an idea, when planting Thai basil (my favorite, I plant 2 or 3 in my Ultra, and they get plenty big to cover the whole space. So I just put plant spacers on the other 4 holes. I’d do the same in this one, so I am not getting more produce.Cons:- The pointless panel. So the touch screen panel is being billed as the new and improved thing, the problem is that it’s pointless. You just need alerts for water and nutrients, and that’s it. A nice touch panel is overkill and adds unnecessary cost to the device. It doesn’t have any special features that would make it stand out over the previous regular panel. (other than it storing the settings, but that could have been done with with the previous panel). It’s on, always displaying the same data (days planted, water level, etc). Honestly seems like a waste of power and money. Panel should be off unless there was an alert or something. UPDATE: my garden got reset from tomatoes to herb on a small power outage. I could see it highlighted in a different color (like a link?) and I tried tapping on garden type to see if I could set it back to tomato. Well, of course you cannot do that. Again, just further annoyances of how pointless the “touch screen” is. It’s a touch screen, but you can only touch the buttons that appear on it, nothing else. Would be nice if I could tap and garden type to change garden, or on time to change the time. But no, you have to go inside the nested menus and go through a lot of non-intuitive steps to restore things, that could have been a simple tap away.- If you buy the “light boosters” from aerogarden, they don’t attach as nicely to the stainless steel top part. They attach much better to the ultra led or extra led, this bounty elite has them a little crooked because of the differences in how the light part is changed. Don’t get me wrong, they will still work, but you paid for a premium finish and product and this is a warning that they won’t look as nicely as others.- It’s going for around twice as much as the ULTRA led, and its simply not worth that much. If you find it for sale (ultra goes for like 150 on sale, this bounty rarely goes below $250). If you can find this one for $240 then I’d consider it, the regular bounty for $200 as well.They have some with Wifi now too, but honestly, unless you are storing this way out of sight (like down in the garage), I don’t see the point of wifi on them.Overall, this is the best one, looks good, and works well. But the cost increase over the ultra led should give you pause, and depending on the crops you are growing, you should opt for the extra or ultra instead.Plant your own seeds. (Tips):Buying their pods can get expensive. Say $20 dollar for the 9 pod cherry tomatoes one. It comes with 4 plants and 5 spacers.Basically, you are paying almost $5 dollars per seed pod. (it does come with 3 month supply of nutrients).However, if you ordering directly from aerogarden website (they have permanent 20% off coupons if you search online) You can:* buy 100 sponges for just around $26 dollars. 26 cents per sponge. (You can save more and buy your own grow media, cut it to size to fit in the garden, make your own holes, but the time to do all that was not worth the savings over the 26 cent sponges I can buy from them and just place a seed and I’m good to go.* The plastic containers you can reuse (wash with hot soapy water). So you can keep reusing for a bit the ones that come in the set. If you ever run out, you can buy a 50 pack from Aerogarden for around $12 with coupons (always have an offer going), and those should last you several years.* They sell the labels too, but those are best avoided, you need to iron them to stick them on there, so it’s some work to get them going (they are not stickers or something more user friendly). More importantly, you don’t truly need them. They help to keep some of the leaves and debris outside the water (which is good) but depending on the crop you can get away without putting any label (say with lettuce) or use foil or something else in its place. You can also try washing and reusing them once or twice from previously used ones.* Buy seeds at your local stores (Organic lettuce seeds go for $2.50 in the local store, and the pack contains around 1,000 seeds).* The domes you can reuse indefinitely. Just wash in warm soapy water after use.* I am currently growing 2 lettuce varieties from the store, and all pods sprouted and are growing well.So basically, just insert around 3 seeds per pod and reuse all the components you can (except for the grow media, those you got to buy, again you can get them regularly for 100 of them for $26). Tomato seeds are more expensive, (2.50 for a pack of like 40 seeds) but if you think about it, the most I’m going to use is about 9 per planting, and they should last around 6-8 months, so that pack will last me 3-4 years depending on how long the tomatoes are thriving. I have an experiment right now you can ask me about later – I got 2 tomato plants from the local store, and one pod from the aerogarden kit growing right now. For what its worth, the 2 from the store are taller than the one from the Aerogarden cherry tomato kit at this stage. I’ll probably start saving seeds from the tomatoes that produce best and just reuse them.To sum it up, you can save money by using your own seeds. And if you buy the grow media from aerogarden and reuse all the plastic component, you can plant (Without much effort at all) for around 26 cents a pod.For example: tomatoes: (if you buy with discounts from aerogarden, you’ll do $15 dollars at best. Compare that to the 1 dollar you’ll spend to have your 4 seeds buying the grow media from aerogarden.Also tip, aerogarden carries plastic plant spacers (black flat domes) you can use to cover unused holes. They sell for like $5 dollars a pack of 15. I think those are worth it, because the look good and match the same size of the holes (and no effort on your part). You could cut your own and cover it, or do something else, but at $5 dollars for 16 ones that fit perfectly without you spending any time, it’s a no brainer.Again, you can look only and find tips if you want to save the most money, but I got 2 kids and time is limited, so buy the grow media directly from aerogarden, and the plastic pods, and the plant spacers (buy the new black plastic ones, not the previous generation that doesn’t last as long and cost more) saves enough time that it’s money well spent. buying the $15-$20 dollar replacements was a bit too much, especially for lettuce that you can buy a nice amount in the store for $2 dollars. But with the success I’ve had growing them directly…Another money well spent is the seed starting kit. It’s about $20 when on sale, and it allows you to start around 30 seedlings during the summer to then transplant outside. Seedlings sometimes have a hard time starting outside, but here they start very easily, and can then be taken outside when they are hardier.Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, I’ll happily answer.

  5. I got this for Christmas.I am nine, and I am very pleased with what I got. The Genovese Basil that came with the package was expected to grow in 6-12 days, but it grew in 3 days twice as fast as it said. The Thai basil that came with the package was expected to grow 4-7 days, but it grew in 2 days twice as fast as it said. I strongly recommend this product and it doesn’t rust because it is stainless steel.Pros: no rust, sprouts quick, easy set up, no dirt, comes with everything you need, strong light which helps plants grow, you pay ten cents a monthCons: bright light can hurt your eyes

  6. First and foremost, it works!!!I would give it 5 stars if my review was based only on function, so why the downgrade?I ordered a Bounty ELITE, but only received a Bounty. When I contacted Amazon that I received the wrong item, they were quick to send a replacement. The new box I received clearly stated it was Bounty Elite, but inside that box was a Bounty. The mistake was not Amazon’s, the mistake was AeroGarden. They were packing the cheaper model into the more expensive box. Not nice. When I called AeroGarden on this they claimed I was the first person to complain about this, but the representative didn’t even know how easy it was to tell them apart. Simply look at the control sceen and it says what model you have. How uninformed can a rep be?But since there is only a difference in the water tank, the better model being covered with metal, as opposed to plastic, I didn’t make a further issue about it. But that wasn’t enough to give it only 3 stars.The reason for the 3 stars is, they DON’T TELL YOU THE WHOLE STORY!!!The LED lights that make this thing work so incredibly well, ONLY LASTS 3-5 YEARS, and then need to be replaced. The replacement cost of the LED light cost only a few dollars less than buy a whole new unit. This means, you are buying a machine that only lasts 3-5 years. How about that? It is NOT stated, in any advertisement, nor is it even stated in the user manual. There is no hint of this, and had I not asked the rep, how long does the light lasts, I would never know that. And if I didn’t ask what the replacement cost was…I wouldn’t be so appalled!!So here’s my advice. If you want a very expensive machine that will only last 3-5 years, this machine works fabulously. But you might consider that cost, vs buy fresh herbs when you need them. Your choice!

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