Leaf Loader

Leaf Loader


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  • Oversize leaf claws - the releaf closed design gets the job done quickly, wet or dry with minimal fuss or spills
  • Protection for you - a barrier from stinging nettles, rosebushes and weeds
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Billy Goat HTR1602V Debris Loader Commercial 16 HP  Leaf Vacuum *PICKUP NJ*

Price: $2,299.99
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Current Price $2,299.99January 4, 2019
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$2,299.99January 4, 2019
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Last update was on: January 4, 2019 7:12 pm
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Reading Proposes Lower Town Budget

February 27, 2018 - The Vermont Standard

The piece of equipment or blower will allow the highway crew to be able to clean all of the stone lined ditches as they cannot be cleaned with the grader, excavator or bucket loader. “This is a very powerful leaf/ debris blower that is being widely...

Massive cleanup effort following Eagles championship parade

February 9, 2018 - 6abc.com

Massive cleanup effort after Eagles parade. Bob Brooks reports during Action News at 5pm on February 9, 2018. (WPVI). WPVI. By Dann Cuellar and Jeannette Reyes. Friday, February 09, 2018. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) --. There was plenty of cleanup work left to...

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How To Provide A Leaf Clean Up | Leaf Loader

Fall lawn care leaf clean up for a residential property in Stillwater, MN. The 18hp Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum System makes our job look easy. This addition to our lawn care program helps us stay...

Trackless Leaf Loader

Learn more at https://tracklessvehicles.com A municipal leaf collection program is a great service to offer residents but it can also be an expensive venture. The Trackless Leaf Loader is...

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Modern Diesel Technology: Heavy Equipment Systems

Modern Diesel Technology: Heavy Equipment Systems

Cengage Learning. 2018

Written by experienced technicians, MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: HEAVY EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS, Third Edition, combines universal and manufacturer-specific information within a single, reliable resource. The book’s unique focus on off-highway mobile equipment systems gives readers an in-depth guide to service and repair essentials for heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, and powered lift truck technology. Detailing everything from safety to best practices, chapter coverage addresses key areas including hydraulics, heavy-duty brakes, drivetrains, steering, suspension, and track systems. Now featuring a visually appealing, full-color design, the Third Edition also includes the latest updates in computer-controlled hydraulics, GPS, electronic controls, J1939 multiplexing, and electric drive...

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Stable Isotope Forensics

John Wiley & Sons. 2017

The number-one guide, internationally, to all aspects of forensic isotope analysis, thoroughly updated and revised and featuring many new case studies This edition of the internationally acclaimed guide to forensic stable isotope analysis uses real-world examples to bridge discussions of the basic science, instrumentation and analytical techniques underlying forensic isotope profiling and its various technical applications. Case studies describe an array of applications, many of which were developed by the author himself. They include cases in which isotope profiling was used in murder, and drugs-related crime investigations, as well as for pharmaceutical and food authenticity control studies. Updated with coverage of exciting advances occurring in the field since the publication of...

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Last update was on: January 4, 2019 7:12 pm


  1. Update: We’ve been using this for a few years now and it’s still one of my favorite yard tools for its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s so easy to use and once the leaves are raked in a pile, it only takes about a minute per bag to shove the leaves in.Filled 24 bags of leaves on my own yesterday in just under 90 minutes with the Bag Butler. Took a full day last year without it.It is very simple to use. It’s a heavy duty rubber product with 2 creases. The creases are set to easily fold in one direction. To use it, fold the creases in the opposite direction, hold them together using the convenient handles while you stick the bag over the bottom of the Bag Butler…the release the handles and the Bag Butler tries folding the flaps the other way…but the bag is now in the way and they hold the sides of the bag open.After that 10 seconds of getting the Bag Butler in position, just tip it on its side, and get on your knees and just shove the leaves into the bag. Filling up each bag only takes about a minute. Then gently stand the bag and Bag Butler straight up and down and lift the bag butler out of the bag. Tie it off and you’re done.I’ve tried both 30 and 39 gallon bags and the 30 seems to work a bit easier, though I had no issues using 39 gallon bags. It does say that if you use paper bags that you should use the bag butler standing up, in which case you’ll lose some of the benefit of just shoving the leaves into the bag.A very nifty product and one that has saved me a ton of time both this year and for many years to come.

  2. I like it quite well. I had some remaining leaves in the backyard that I didn’t clean out this past fall, so my boyfriend and I got out there this past weekend to knock ’em out while using a few items that I had bought (off season) for leaf removal. This one is a winner. It was easy to grab onto the handles with one hand, insert into the bag, fill the bag, and then as it got towards the top we simply pulled it up to keep the bag open. It was much easier to use than this metal bag holder I have, which makes the bag very difficult to get out once it is full of leaves.All in all, raking & bagging leaves will never be a fun job – but having the right tools will make it easier. And when I can fill 250 large yard bags every fall, trust me – I am all about making it as easy as possible.I also suggest an assortment of various sized rakes, some leaf scoopers (large handheld dustpans work very well, as do many of the products made specifically for grabbing up piles of leaves), decent bags, gloves, a shovel in case your cat dropped off a dead rat in a pile somewhere (or the dog prefers leaf piles to deliver presents), sympathy for the non-poisonous snakes, a good back or some deep heat rub for later.Even better – have the financial funds to pay someone to come do it. You are spared the job, you employ someone to work and help the economy. Win-win. As I lack this financial freedom from yard work, I can post my experience with this item from grubby hands on experience.

  3. I hate raking leaves and I’ve tried other leaf solutions like the huge plastic taco thing. This one plain works and makes swift work of leaves, even raking alone. I use 39 gal bags. Make sure to insert the butler into the bag so the side cutouts are toward the bag opening. That way you can lift the bag and hold onto the Bag Butler to shake the leaves down once or twice if desired. I find that I can rake to the end of the bag butler and shale down 2x before raking to the top again and tying the bag.

  4. This worked very well this fall. We have to bag all of our leaves, the only thing I will do differently next year is get a large Round trash can to put bags in.

  5. This is a great item. It reduces the bending over and makes leaf removal easier and quicker.

  6. This is a great product, it helps me pick up all the evil leaves. best part is it collapses down to a small footprint for storage.

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