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  • Mesh back 25 cu. Ft. "Flow thru" hopper fills more completely than other hoppers reducing the time need to empty; 2-tool assembly takes approximately 30 minutes
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26 Gallon Lawn Sweeper Adjustable Walk Behind Cleaner Push Leaf Grass Collector

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Council considers siren proposal, street sweeper purchase

Council considers siren proposal, street sweeper purchase

March 8, 2018 - The Daily Advocate

Spring leaf pickup will be the week of April 2 to 6. Residents should have their leaves out on curbs by April 2. In legislative matters, council passed an ordinance regarding permit fees and the bond for Vectren Energy for gas lateral replacement...

Stafford Bonds For Nearly $5 Million For Township Improvements

Stafford Bonds For Nearly $5 Million For Township Improvements

March 8, 2018 - Jersey Shore Online

“(If) we don't need that much,” we won't use it all, he explained. The bond ordinance includes various improvements, including public works upgrades and equipment. The ordinance lists the upgrades as a new leaf vacuum truck, new and replacement grounds...

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Craftsman Leaf and Lawn Sweeper Part 1

Quick review on a classic Craftsman leaf and lawn sweeper.

Brinly Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper Review

Fall is here and I'm cleaning up the yard before the snow flies. I used a Brinly yard rake.

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Song for Rosaleen

Song for Rosaleen

Massey University Press. 2018

A beautifully crafted memoir of a family coping with their mother’s dementia, Song for Rosaleen is both a celebration of Rosaleen Desmond’s life and an unflinching account of the practical and ethical dilemmas that faced her six children. Told with love, insight, humour and compassion, it raises important questions about who we become when our memories fail, how our rapidly ageing population can best be cared for, and what this means for us all.

Poetry Before Breakfast

Poetry Before Breakfast

Lulu.com. 2017

The content of this book of poetry would not be possible without my family. You know I love you all. I would like to single-out the incomparable Toby Stevens, my mother-in-law, for being matriarch and CEO. You have been instrumental in so many celebrations (some of which are honored here). You were born on Valentine's Day and have a very big heart. Thanks for being you. I must also recognize Sandbox Creative in Webster Groves, MO for the design and layout of Poetry Before Breakfast. Dave Cox, thank you for your faith in me and support of this project.

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  1. Works like a champ!!! see picturesAssembly less than 10 minutes, depending on who is in a grumpy mood.Made 4 passes in one picture and one pass in the other. The single pass was up even ground and the bag was full. Had the bag been less full it would have picked up more leafs. The first picture I made 4 total passes, and that filled up the bag. But 4 may have been over exuberance on my part, as 1 pass did an adequate job. The catcher bag is a good size for it. Any bigger people would complain its to cumbersome. ITs easy to remove without dropping leaves and empties easily. The material of the bag seems like it’ll wear quickly if you leave it outside in the sun and rain…so do not do that. but if it does tear or rip……duct tape will fix that up real quick.Construction of it feels stout but its not heavy at all. Easy to push and doesn’t fling leafs in you face if you push sprinting pace.Adjustable brush height is handy if you got big leaves and don’t want to touch your grass for some weird crazy person reason.If you edge you lawn the brush gets low enough that you can use the sweeper instead of a blower or broom….and that helps me drink beer!Works best on even ground, but if the first pass doesn’t get it the second one will Even picked up a rock or two.5 stars is more than appropriate for this. If you read a review of someone complaining about the catcher size……..pity the foolOverall its DA BOMB! a good buy in my opinion. Much better than your mower and better than the raking your kids will hate.

  2. The sweeper itself is decent – I would describe it as “OK.” It definitely makes getting the leaves and ficus nuts off the yard much easier. You won’t be able to throw away that broom (this thing won’t edge), but that’s hardly a complaint.I see a lot of negative comments about the size of the catcher. It does fill up quickly, but I found it was roughly enough to fill a standard brown trashbag. I, too, would love to have a Bag of Holding for my yard waste, but that’s just an unreasonable expectation.Big penalties for the packaging. Amazon, or Agrifab, or whoever shipped this thing – the product container is not suitable as a shipping box! The package arrived ripped and dented, with one of the rods sticking out of the box. All of the nuts, washers, and bolts were loose in the box. A few of them were missing – I presume they escaped through some of the holes in transit. Luckily I could get close approximations at Home Depot (I didn’t want to hassle with shipping it back if I didn’t have to), but I have to consider myself fortunate that more pieces weren’t lost in transit.

  3. After careful assembly (maybe half an hour or so) I began using my sweeper on its maiden voyage. To my chagrin I saw more leaves being propelled forward by the brushes underneath the sweeper than we’re making it into the basket. I thought it might have been a mistake I made during assembly. Nope. Everything was correct. Customer service was baffled. I found the answer in the way I positioned the handle when I pushed the sweeper. I noticed leaves being “pushed” in front of the unit from underneath when I pushed the unit keeping the handle down (so the back legs nearly touched the ground). When I raised the handle so the poles on the side were closer to perpendicular to the ground (maybe 160 degree angle or so) and the “legs” in the back were lifted about six inches or so off the ground the leaves actually went into the basket! Now my sweeper works like a champ, after I nearly returned it. Customer service was little help when I called them about the leaves being pushed forward. That said, the lady I spoke with was courteous and polite.The leaf catcher is pretty easy to remove and replace so leaves can be dumped in the trash when the hopper fills up. The assembly directions were decent for the most part, with the entire process taking about half an hour (having done one assembly that time could easily be cut in half). However, never having used a “palnut” before and the directions leaving this detail out, I was forced to figure this step out on my own. It DOES NOT just push on by finger pressure. I had to turn the Palnut over on a hard, level surface, align the rod with the open end of the palnut, and tap in the rod with a hammer from the opposite end. I did the same to install the second palnut.Also, for anyone wanting to use this on artificial grass, I say GO FOR IT! I have artificial grass and with the brushes properly adjusted the sweeper makes quick work of picking up leaves while leaving the silica sand in place. I can sweep my yard in about a quarter of the time I can blow it with a leaf blower. The sweeper also does a better job of picking up small twigs and seeds than the blower (much quieter too).Photos of yard are of uncleared yard, then just one pass over whole yard with sweeper, then an additional minute of cleanup. Total time less than five minutes. Sweeper photos are included to show a couple of the details for the rods and clips for proper installation.

  4.  Love it. It is perfect for my yard. This leaf blower is powerful and light Enough power to do the job. Light weight makes the blowing easy.

  5. It’s handy, easy to charge, not too heavy, and does the job well! Definitely good for the price.

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