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  • Grow Amazing Cat Grass or Wheatgrass - only difference is in who eats it!
  • Every lot is laboratory tested for germination and pathgeons
  • Chemical Free Cat Grass Seeds or Wheatgrass Seeds


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New harvested cat grass 1oz/approx 800 seeds Kit Green including growing guide

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Cat grass arrangements are fun and functional

Cat grass arrangements are fun and functional

February 18, 2018 - Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

This is my second year growing cat grass in the winter and spring months. It has been a hit with the cats. The organic seed was extremely easy to grow. I followed the package directions, put potting soil in a 6- to 8-inch container and watered it. I...

Use These Illustrations to Know Which Plants Are Toxic and Protect Your Pets

Use These Illustrations to Know Which Plants Are Toxic and Protect Your Pets

March 6, 2018 - Bravo (blog)

Every time we look at a lifestyle blog, we wonder why isn't our home painted a crisp white, peppered with tasteful pops of color and covered in lush green plants. It feels like we are just one trip to IKEA away from design perfection. Before we start...

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How to Grow Cat Grass from Wheat and Oat Feed – Easy and Cheap - Time lapse

Cute dish for growing cat grass here: Today I will show you how to grow cat grass and where to purchase the seed. My cats love to go outside in the summer and eat the...

how to make a cat grass bed

Because cats like to lay out in the yard but my cats are indoors cats it is not safe to let them out so they resort to laying in my houseplants so I thought of making them something they could...

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Feline Constipation

Feline Constipation 2018

Constipation is not only miserable for cats, it is unhealthy. Constipation can be the result of illness or disease and/or it can contribute to illness or disease. The best treatment for a constipated cat is a human who understands how things work - how the digestive tract works, what poop is and is not, which remedies can help and which can harm or be ineffective.

Munchkin Cats and the Munchkin Cat

Munchkin Cats and the Munchkin Cat

DYM Worldwide Publishers. 2017

Everything you need to know about Munchkin Cats - from Munchkin Kittens to the adult Munchkin Cat, to the Dwarf Cat. Includes detailed insight into Munchkins, Teacup Cats, and all types of Short Legged Cat. Covered are Munchkin Cat Prices, behavior, quirks, and everything you need to know about raising a healthy & happy Munchkin Cat. Another informative and entertaining title from passionate cat owner and lover Susanne Saben! As a true Munchkin cat lover- she enjoys advising on all aspects of Munchkin Cats from raising a Munchkin Kitten, the first vet visit, Teacup Cats and how to tell the difference, Munchkin Cat prices, Scottish Fold Munchkins, Genetta, Lambkins, and how to find the best Munchkin Cat Breeders. Whether you are looking for a Munchkin Cat, already a Munchkin Cat owner,...

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