Germination Mat

Germination Mat


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  • RELIABLE RESULTS: VIVOSUN's professional heat mat maintains temperatures in the sweet spot of around 10℉-20℉ above ambient air temperature - perfect for seed starting and cutting propagation!


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VIVOSUN 10"x20" Seedling Heat Mat Seed Starter Pad Clone Germination Propagation

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Do's and don'ts of growing from seeds

Do's and don'ts of growing from seeds

March 9, 2018 - WTOP

But don't go by the calendar either! Check the long-range forecast before you take your baby plants outside, and be prepared to keep them indoors a bit longer if any upcoming nights are expected to drop anywhere near or below 40. Time it like this: You...

Tomatoes a great choice to start from seed

March 2, 2018 - Tribune-Review

While you're at the nursery, you should also get a seed-starting nursery flat, some plastic plant 6-packs or small plastic pots, a handful of plastic plant markers and a seedling heat mat. Heat mats are important when starting seeds for warm-season...

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You Don't Need A Heating Mat To Start Seedlings

A lot of people these days will purchase heating pads to germinate trays of pepper and tomato seeds. Because we live off grid, we needed to find another way of starting our seeds early in colder...

Growerology Seedling Heat Mat

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First We Eat

First We Eat

Abrams. 2018

Eva Kosmas Flores finds inspiration in her Greek heritage and the bountiful produce of her garden in Oregon. She uses both to craft her seasonal and approachable recipes, each paired with a mouthwatering image. The bounty of fresh, vibrant produce overflowing from her garden comes through on every page, and Flores undertakes rigorous recipe testing to share her most creative, delicious ways to make use of these foods. Showcasing her unforgettable, atmospheric photography style, First We Eat is a gorgeous reference on seasonal cooking that celebrates the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Mediterranean influences, effortless and stylish presentations, and simple preparations, all designed to share with friends and family.

The Future Rice Strategy for India

The Future Rice Strategy for India

Academic Press. 2017

The Future Rice Strategy for India presents forward-looking insights toward achieving sustainable development of the rice sector, ensuring future food and nutritional security. As a staple food for many in India, including the economically disadvantaged, there are many concerns that affect the development of rice sector. Facing issues from environmental demands to economic stagnation, access to food, food inflation, and the Food Security Act (demand – supply – distribution of rice) achieving sustainability in production and exports is an important and urgent challenge. Using case studies to illustrate existing and potential issues, challenges and solutions, The Future Rice Strategy for India presents key strategic options while considering the implicit consequences. In addition, the...

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  1. The thermostat is supposed to turn off if the temperature reaches a certain point. I set my thermostat at 84 degrees. However, within the first two days, the temperature reached 86 degrees on the digital readout, and the unit did not turn itself off. However, the temperature has never gotten above 86 degrees, so I have kept it since the unit does read the temperature and it hasn’t gotten too hot (my snake lives at temps between 75 and 85 degrees).UPDATE: The seller sent me what appeared to be a “reconditioned unit” after I posted this review. I tested the unit and it does work as advertised: the unit turned off when it hit the designated temperature. So based on that, I have improved my review to three stars.

  2. Ive had this product for a week and i use it for my big snake. It wont heat all the way up to the desired temp and now it keeps giving the error code. This is very frustrating because my animals depend on that heat and if it cant keep it there it will kill my snakes. So very frustrating.Edit:Because of the companies amazing customer service i give this 5 stars. Within a few hours of writing my review i got an email from the company that was very respectful. They listened to my complaint and within 3 days my new product was delivered to my door. The product works amazingly and i am very happy with it. I would definetally recomment thos product to anyone. Not only because of the product but mostly because of the fantastic customer service.

  3. This controller works well, though you should calibrate the display if the actual temp is important.For example, I use this to control the temperature inside a foam ice chest in which I’ve installed an old-fashioned incandescent light bulb as a heat source. There is a relatively constant delta between the indicated temp and the actual temp inside the chest.I apply this constant delta to the setpoint, and the internal temperature is correct enough for the purpose at hand (within a degree ) over a fairly wide range of temps.I suspect most of the delta arises from how and where the temp probe is placed.

  4. Using this for brewing kombucha. Keeps my two 1 gallon jars a pretty even 78 degrees. My kitchen is usually 63-67 during the winter.

  5. This is certainly the best built seed mat I own. I expect the quality to translate into long service life and even heating. It also comes with a fabric storage bag.Update: Now that the seedling stage has passed, I discover that the storage bag (nice quality, BTW) is large enough to hold 2 mats rolled together.Also, my plants germinated in HOURS. Well, maybe 48 hours. Even the thyme germinate in a few days.

  6. Both mats from the 2 pack are heating uniformly right out of the box. Very satisfied. The only minor negative is how tightly the mats were rolled up making them difficult to flatten out. Otherwise, very easy to set up. The water in my seed-starter trays is now a nice lukewarm temperature as is the soil. Size of mats is exactly as described.

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