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  • Made with North American white grapes


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White wine from green-skinned grapes ... perfect for spring

March 7, 2018 - Tribune-Review

The2015 Laurenz V., “Charming” Grüner Veltliner, Kamptal Reserve, Austria (Luxury 47921; $29.99) presents Grüner Veltliner in an elegant “reserve” style that rivals white burgundies. The grapes come from top vineyard sites along the Kamp River, a...

Temecula Valley Wine country started when one man saw potential for growing grapes

Temecula Valley Wine country started when one man saw potential for growing grapes

March 10, 2018 - Press-Enterprise

The 1980s opened with Hart Winery, today the oldest winery still operating with the original owners. The decade was dominated by Calloway, which emphasized white wines. So much white wine was churned out that a rumor started that reds couldn't be made...

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The 7 Most Popular White Grape Varieties

The 7 Most Popular White Grape Varieties There are hundreds of different kinds of white grape varieties, but the 7 that we're going to talk about in detail throughout this article are without...

Best 8 Health Benefits of Grapes

Health Benefits fo Grapes Nutritional Value of Grapes 100 grams Nutrients: Dietary fiber 4% Calories 3% Protein 1% Vitamins : Vitamin C 18% Vitamin B6 4% Thaimin 5% Vitamin k 18% rIBOFLAVIN...

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Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know

Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know

Quirk Books. 2018

From tips for tasting at home to picking the perfect bottle for a BYOB, this how-to handbook is a must-have for wine lovers everywhere. Wine may be one of the world's oldest beverages, but it's never been a better time to pour a glass. Whether you prefer robust reds or crisp, zippy whites, you'll find lots to drink in in this pocket-sized guide packed with information, how-tos, and trivia for wine enthusiasts of every variety. Seasoned sommeliers and newbie wine fans alike will learn expert tasting techniques, which glassware to use and when, how to pair wine with food, how to build a wine collection (no fancy cellar needed!) and even how to open a bottle of wine when no one brought a corkscrew. Plus, guides to wine lingo, proper serving temperatures, and the best wines for every price...

Understanding Wine

Understanding Wine

My Ebook Publishing House via PublishDrive. 2017

An indispensable book for every wine lover. You’re about to discover the magical world of wine. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... - An introduction to the world of wine - Wine general types and hеаlth bеnеfitѕ - Understanding wine – grape varieties, classification of wine, vintage and its importance. - How to taste wine – the steps in the process and their relevance, tips to become a wine taster. Much, much more! Based on the information presented in this book, you will soon become a wine connoisseur, being able to know and recommend the finest wines to others. And you will be able to choose the perfect wine for every occasion.

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  1. Trident futzed with the Green Apple and Golden Pineapple formula, reducing the length of time the flavor lasts and each piece by 0.1 gram — yet they charge the same in stores. This was my favorite gum – I’ve chewed it for over six years – and I am extremely disappointed at Trident/Mondelez International’s greedy tactics to squeeze every penny out of the consumer while cutting down on quality and quantity. You might think 0.1 gram is no big deal, but when it’s a small stick of gum, it makes a difference. Chew it, and it starts off with that familiar burst of tartness, and a few minutes later tastes like wet newspaper the size of a Tic Tac. The new formula has added BHT. Now the gum has the texture of taffy and is so soft you can no longer blow a small bubble with it. I remember the good old days when this Green Apple/Golden Pineapple gum retained faint hints of flavor half an hour after popping it in my mouth.You’ll see the differences between the old Green Apple/Golden Pineapple (R) and the new one (L) in the photo attached.

  2. So glad I found this! Stur adds just the right amount of “extra” to plain water without it tasting sugary/ syrupy like a lot of other products. My finicky 5 year old even tried the Strawberry Watermelon flavor and gave it two thumbs up!Deciding the right amount is personal preference, but I found the guideline of one-squeeze/ 8 oz. is a good starting point. The variety of flavors in this package is fantastic. So far we’ve tried blueberry, strawberry/ watermelon and pomegranate/ cranberry. Love them all!Last but not least, it’s nice to know that this product was invented by a regular family with little kids. It makes the product seem more personal and is why I’m bothering to review it. 🙂

  3. I was a little hesitant to order these since there were a couple of flavors I hadn’t tried yet. But I really wanted to try the cranberry pomegranate so went ahead with the order and thankfully they were almost all good.Breakdown of the flavors, at least by what I liked. Just a note: I don’t like things overly sweet or with a super strong flavor. I drink unsweetened ice tea, unless it’s been brewed that way.Orange/Mango: A little too sweet for me, even when using less of the product. I prefer my orange drinks to have a little tartness. I find that the Stur orange flavors are too sweet for me.Cranberry/pomegranate: I liked it, not overly sweet. I did end up having to use a little more of the product to get a decent flavor, but not too much. Would use again.Strawberry/watermelon: Very nice light flavor. Good balance of flavors. Would use again.Fruit punch: Also a very nice balance of flavors with a little bit of tartness, just a hint. Would use again.Black and Blueberry: One of my favorites. It has a nice sweet flavor with good balance. Easy on the ratio of water to product. Would use again.I hope that this helps anyone who is looking to order these wonderful water enhancers. I love that they’re all natural and no aftertaste that is present in so many of these types of water enhancers.

  4. This stuff is great.* I hate water. Yep, I said it. I would just sip it as needed to keep my mouth from drying up completely. One regular sized water bottle, the kind that fit in the side pocket of my backpack, would last me all day – in ARIZONA… in the SUMMER. Yeah, it’s bad. I was just waiting to turn into dust and blow away in a haboob (like the Mummy). I needed to start considering a move to the Amazon where the humidity would keep me in one piece.Amazon! I didn’t need to move to the Amazon, I needed to shop Amazon!I decided to try this and it’s perfect! I can add just enough flavor where it doesn’t take like OEM water. You don’t want to add too much or it is just too sweet. Now, my skin is beautiful, my eyes are glowing (not like the Mummy, like the good way), I feel energized! I might even start carrying one of those gallon jugs around campus that the “athletes” do. Nahh…those are heavy.Four of the flavors are great! Pomegranate is my favorite by a a hair.*orange…not so much… ick.Since I can’t seem to get a variety pack with pomegranate, I just ordered a pack of five of them. That’s going to last me like 6 months! Variety is the spice of life but Stur doesn’t think the spice should include pomegranate. Hey Stur — make a variety pack without the orange. You can call it, “Haboob Power Pack.”I included a glamor shot of some of the bottles…pomegranate didn’t make it in the shot, I had just squeezed some into water and it had a headache.

  5. I ran an office test among coworkers to determine the best chewing gum. THIS IS, AFTER ALL, A SERIOUS UNDERTAKING. I passed out packs of a variety of gums, and participants ranked them in designated categories. Trident layers won in all categories. It held its flavor longest. It stayed soft (but not too soft… dissolvingly soft was taboo) longest. It even blew bubbles best (2 or 3 sticks needed here). Taste quality was best with the strawberry varieties. Blueberry is good, too. Others are interesting, but we tended to meander back to stawberry or blueberry. I avoid chewing any other gum. Unfortunately, I used to find Trident Layers everywhere. Now, I must hunt for them. So! Thank you, as always, Amazon, for coming through when other distributors fail.

  6. I’d actually give this 4 1/2 stars… I have to be in the mood for something quite sweet with a touch of tang but when I am, This Hits The Spot. It’s a bit sweeter than, say, the bubblegum but I happen to be a person who loves sweet, yet I don’t think it’s Overly Sweet and the hint of the tangy flavor is a good balance. This particular flavor has a softer consistency than, say, the bubblegum (that’s my Fave Flave!), so sometimes I take a couple of sips of ice water and that kind of firms it up for a little while. It’s not great for bubble blowing but I do like this one a lot and I’d definitely get it again!UPDATE~ NOW IT’S 5+ STARS… A few days after I wrote this I became Krazy about this Flavor and This Is Now MY FAVE FLAVE, plus I like the slightly softer consistency better. The flavor is fairly true to taste as compared to the real thing and Using A Stop Watch, I clocked The Flavor Lasting Up To 90 Minutes (at which time I was tired of chewing so I spit it out!). How long do most people usually chew gum?

  7. Hi-Chew is my favorite candy hands down and this stuff blows it away I truly is premium I’m going to order as many as I can get literally. So don’t order right now

  8. These candies are good but the bags are small, so it’s a bit pricey. The labels are all in Japanese too

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