Honda Lawn Mower

Honda Lawn Mower


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  • Capable 160cc Honda GCV engine drives performance
  • 3-in-1 mulch, collection or side discharge options
  • 21-Inch steel cutting deck
  • 12" High rear wheels and 8" front wheels boost control and maneuverability


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  1. NOTE: This is for the 20″ mower only! Apparently Amazon merged several mower sizes into this one product.My wife and I wanted a mower that wasn’t as loud and noisy as a gas mower, didn’t require burning oil, and didn’t vibrate as much. This mower fulfilled all of our wishes. We have a 1/3 acre lot, and this mower with two batteries works just fine. The only time we need to recharge the batteries half way through mowing is when we wait way too long between mowings, and the motors need to do some extra work to chop down the tall weeds. This mower is fairly easy to push, since it is much lighter weight than a gas mower. We also bought the electric trimmer that uses the same battery system, so we were sure to buy that kit with an extra charger and battery. Sometimes we use the extra battery, but it is nice to have just in case. Overall, I would buy this again and am quite satisfied.Update 5/17/2014-Still using this mower all the time, and it still works great. I’ve taken to only using one battery at a time, and keeping the other on the charger while mowing. Not sure it makes a difference, but I like it anyway to take a little break while mowing to switch batteries. When done mowing, I do tip the mower on its side and clean the underside. Some more expensive mowers have a water hose attachment to clean the underside, but I’m not sure I would spray water into the motor on this unit. 🙂 Using a stick works just as well, and seems to keep things working better.Update 9/25/2014-So, I may have let the lawn go a little. I ignored the grass for a few weeks thanks to overtime at work, family matters, and just generally being lazy when I got home. The grass in the back yard made it up to a good 8-10″ tall. I thought for sure I would need a gas mower to power through that. Sure enough, my battery powered greed thing powered through it. Sure, I had to empty the silly bag way more often than I wanted (I never mulch), but the mower never stopped mowing because it was too thick. I’m still impressed, and still happy. Only thing I’m looking for is a grinder to sharpen the blades. Apparently a set of two replacement blades cost less than a “jackson” on Amazon with Prime shipping. I’ve found if I wait until the afternoon to mow when the grass is more dry, there is no need to clean the underside of the mower. Still 100% satisfied with this device, and 100% recommended.

  2. Owned this mower for two years and I love it, right up until it didn’t start this year. Did some investigating and decided to order a new switch that is on the body of the mower (under the cover). Unable to find the greenworks part # for the switch I contacted greenworks for ‘troubleshooting’. The only help I got was that I needed to order a new ‘cable’ (the cable that is connected from the pull back handle down to the switch I mentioned earlier) even though I had repeatedly told them that the mower would not start depsite manually depressing the switch by hand. I requested it least twice on the phone to be transferred to a tech to help me test each component of the mower with a multimeter – but the only response i got was how i needed a new cable.Greenworks must only train their customer support on that ONE cable as a solution, that was the only response i got from the company both on the phone and on email.If your 25302 suddenly stops working, replace the power switch board (part # 36202486-1 $4.92 at, that’s what fixed mine. Don’t bother calling greenworks, unless your cable really is the culprit. i also ordered the switch just as a precaution ( part # 36301289).Now I’m mowing again, yay!

  3. I view this as the BMW of lawnmowers-it’s solid. I like the ease of it while in operation and it folds down quickly when it’s time to put it away. It works like a champ so if you’re in the market for a lawnmower- consider it.

  4. I am as disappointed as I have ever been in a product. This is a poor example of Honda mowers of the past. The body is so flimsy that the wheels will not stay straight. the deck is suppose to be a side discharge, what a joke, it even has a rib that crosses the opening. The “mulch” guard does not remove to install the plastic discharge chute. It clips in, what a poor excuse.It discharges so poorly that it is not usable on leaves, and is very little better on grass.The engine (Honda) runs great, starts well, and is quiet, it is just everything else that is mess.DO NOT spend this kind of money on this mower, especially if you need or want side discharge.

  5. This product is a complete piece of crap. I used in once for 30 minutes, then two hours later it would not start. I’ve let it sit for two days, same thing. No ethanol in gas, gas is ON, oil was put in properly, and it started right up on the first pull for the first use, then zilch. I can’t return it because I had to cut up the box to unpack it. I researched a bunch of product reviews and found out this is a common problem. You should not be selling this junk. I’ve already completed a return request, but now no record of it and no response. I’m contacting my credit card company. No response from Amazon or seller after 3 days.

  6. I really want to love this lawn mower. I hate dealing with gasoline around the house, and I’d like to switch anything that uses gas over to electric whenever possible. The run time is pretty good. It’s pretty quiet, certainly don’t need ear protection with it. The lack of self propelling isn’t a big deal as it’s very lightweight. It just doesn’t cut the grass very well — You go over a stripe of grass, turn around and there’s a little mohawk of grass in the middle of the stripe you just mowed I’m guessing where the two blades don’t come together closely enough or overlap. I’m going to keep working with it, but after two mowing sessions, I’m not loving it so far…

  7. Why didn’t we buy this years ago. What a difference. Had no idea that our old lawnmower was so crappy. This one works great, runs great, get’s the job done in half the time. The select drive is great. The mulching works very well – so much better than our old lawn mower. We didn’t know what we were missing. When I ask the boys to cut the grass – they don’t complain. Wish the gas tank was just a little bigger though, not big enough to do the entire lawn and our yard isn’t that big – live in a development on the corner lot.

  8. Perhaps my old mower was just that bad, but this mower is amazing. Fired on the first pull out of the box. Never fails to fire on the first pull. Sharpening the dual blades can be tricky, but is manageable. I’d have never imagined the difference the dual blades could make. Mulched grass seems to be powderized! All I have clinging to my shoes on a wet day are micro flecks of grass whereas my old mower’s mulching blade left strands. Power is good and has never slugged like my old 6.5 hp Briggs&Stratton mower. Uses much less fuel than my old mower as well. I’m thankful for the variable speed and set-up on the drive wheels, because at full speed, I couldn’t keep up with this thing! My 7 year old has begun helping with lawn chores and he loves this mower. He can start it easily and does a great job mowing with this machine. I’m a bargain shopper, but this model is well worth the extra money.

  9. My mower arrived early. Was well packaged. The seller added additional packaging and it was clearly noted on the box that they opened it to add additional shipping materials which is great. Better price than the local dealer. And I didn’t have to borrow a truck to get it home—thank you Amazon!! Free shipping. The mower is fully assembled and the oil is in the box. Lift the mower out of the box—you’ll need someone to help you with this—its not heavy, just awkward. Raise the handle, add your oil and gas and away you go. It doesn’t get any easier than that.Starts easily. Six or seven height settings—so you can keep the grass long and the weeds to a minimum. Cuts evenly. You can pull it backwards without any problem so its easy to get into awkward spaces. Can use it with or without the self propel no problem. Its really great on gas too. I have not used the bag yet, because I mulch my leaves—we have a lot of leaves too—wooded lot. It mulched them like a charm.I have no complaints—the only cons would be there is no washout port—not a huge deal. The height needs to be adjusted individually on each wheel. My old CAT push mower would adjust them all at once. Would have been nice to have two bottles of oil in the box. You have to change the oil after the first five hours or month of use which is standard when purchasing any mower. I’m sure replacement blades will not be cheap but I think that’s ok as long as I don’t hit a tree stump.Its a great mower, very happy with the purchase.

  10. Made the switch from a HRR216 with blade stop to this model. I had issues with the blade stop not releasing and making it difficult to start the mower and I also had issues with it bogging the engine down right when the clutch engaged so much that it’d kill the mower. Once it engaged the engine would spin back up to the right RPMs and it’d be fine. The 160cc engine also just wasn’t a fan of how thick our lawn’s grass is so it had issues with bogging.This HRX is a noticeable step up from the HRR and I couldn’t be happier with the change! I no longer have the concerns of the blade stop and, most importantly, this is a much more powerful engine to cut grass with. It had zero issues even when cutting at a lower deck height. Comparing the mulching abilities of the 160cc HRR to the 190cc HRX is a night and day difference as well. The HRR had issues with clumping and not mulching nearly as well as the HRX is capable of.The only complaint I have about my new HRX217K5VKA is with the Versamow system. It’s very handy that you can bag, mulch, or a combination of the two but even when I have ours on the mulch only setting there is a good amount of grass getting through the door that should be shutting (to prevent grass from going into the bagger). I’m hoping this is an adjustment I can take care of but it seems I’m not the only one with the issue so I’m a little worried it’s not. If that’s the only issue I have with the mower, however, I’ll happily deal with it.It’s a bit pricey for a mower, but the quality of the cut and the quality that makes up (for the most part) a Honda mower is worth it in my opinion,

  11. Absolutely the best mower I have ever owned. I bought it in August 2016, so I’ve had enough time to get a good feel for it. The rear-wheel drive is great; when the bag starts to get full/heavy, you don’t lose traction, and if you keep the drive engaged on left-turns it will push through the turns for you. If you sharpen the blades (two-blade system!) one to four times a year, your lawn will look like you cut it with a laser. That comes in pretty handy if you cut your grass high. Typically, the higher you cut grass, the more difficult it is to get a good-looking cut. Dull blades and/or a low-powered engine can end up just chewing your grass, which looks bad and is hard on the grass. With sharp blades, that’s not a problem at all for this mower. As far as starting the mower is concerned, I would say that at least 95% of my starts have been on the first pull, the rest on the second. It’s never needed three, which kind of surprised me after sitting in the garage all winter. This mower makes the actual ‘mowing’ part of lawncare so easy that it’s almost an afterthought. Just start it up, and follow behind.

  12. Vibrates more than I think if should. I have a Honda engine on a few year old Sears mower that runs with less vibration.

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