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Patio Awning

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  • HIGH-QUALITY STANDARD : Backed with a 1 years warranty and certified CE, GS, and RoHS, this awning is built and tested to be simple to use and durable to last. Residential and commercial use.


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71" x 118" Retractable Side Awning Folding Screen Patio Outdoor Privacy Divider

Price: $84.98
as of October 31, 2018 4:49 am  
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Last update was on: October 31, 2018 4:49 am
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Adventures in Texas Gardening

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Last update was on: October 31, 2018 4:49 am


  1. I am building a greenhouse out of old windows and was trying to find a way to diffuse the natural sunlight so it is not so strong and damage my plants. I have purchased sunshades in the past and they were either triangular or one I purchased was made out the same material as a tarp. My new sunshade is exactly what I have been looking for. The shade is a perfect rectangle with heavy rings in all 4 corners to secure it. I do not have my greenhouse finished yet but have already found another use for my sunshade. We have been batteling the late afternoon sun for a long time. Later in the day as the sun sets it comes into our livingroom raising the temperature significantly. We attached the shade to the outside of our deck and were amazed at the difference it has made. The heavy fabric does an amazing job of blocking the heat from the sun but not all the light. I will be purchasing a second sun shade to put away for my greenhouse when it is completed. I was very pleased with the quality and price of my new shade.

  2. Thanks a lot!!! The pictures other customers posted here helped me to make the decision. They inspired me how useful this product can be, not only to give shade by installing it above the patio but also can diffuse the sunlight by just simply hanging it up! What’s amazing is that you can change it in seconds! It really works very well both way! Very good quality and easy to install. By the way gold sand is the best color in summer! I like it!

  3. As many others have stated…once you figure out how to put it together and it’s installed, it’s pretty decent. But getting to that point is a major pain in the butt. The individual pieces seem to be manufactured fairly well. Sturdy all-in-all. But, they’re ability to fit together with one another as they should, is another matter. Tabs A & Slots B invariably do not line up like they’re supposed to. Required a bit of re-drilling holes so they’d be in the correct position to lock in with one another. Also, as others have noted, the Chinese-to-English translated manual is a complete joke. I would think that it shouldn’t be THAT difficult to find someone, somewhere that can improve upon instructions such as: “…stop when the thread leakage 1 – 2 laps”, or “…the blow picture is mean the distance for bracket holes is”, or my personal favorite, “…then cut the strings which raping the arms”. The biggest problem we had was adjusting the tension of the torsion arms properly, once the thing was mounted up on the wall. The manual effectively says (para-phrasing here) to “adjust the tension arms properly”…with little to no guidance on just HOW to do that. It took 2 of us a couple of hours of playing around with it until we finally figured it out. It is now up & working, but I already see 2 pieces trying to pull apart from one another. Looks like I’ll have to do a partial disassembly in order to re-re-drill a mounting hole so it locks in to place like it should. For the price, it’s a decent product, but be prepared to spend some time to make it right.

  4. I just installed this 116″ shade. As everyone said – the directions are bad but it is hard to beat the price. The components need orientation, both left/right and have to be rotated to the correct position before they are assembled. The pictures are so bad you can’t tell the orientation from the pictures. Once installed, the angle of the shade can be adjusted. Also – some of the holes did not line up so then needed to be opened up with a drill. When I put it up, there was nearly 2 feet of drop between the front and the anchor point on the wall. After adjusting the jack screws, the front to back drop is about 10 inches. Overall, I am satisfied. If I have any trouble with the mechanism, I will update my review.

  5. THERE IS NOTHING SUGGESTING THE AWNING MUST BE INSTALLED ON A CONCRETE WALL. With sturdy aluminum and steel frame, this patio awning is ideal for creating shade. The reinforced frame and waterproof polyester fabrics make the awning superior in material and excellent in workmanship. It can be easily mounted on the wall with the included accessories. Our awning will create a nice and cool place in your patio and protect you from the UV rays. Enjoy the beauty and protection with this awning at incredibly affordable price. Features: – Aluminum and steel frame make this awning superior in strength and excellent in workmanship – 280g/㎡ polyester fabrics with PU waterproof coating make the awning durable and protect from rains – Protect your furnishings from sun’s damaging UV rays and keep home cool – It is easily adjusted with the manually gear lever to meet your requirements Specifications: – Material: Aluminum, steel, polyester fabrics – Overall Size: 116″L x 99″W – Handle Length: 58.5″ – Net Weight: 39.6lbs – Assembly required. PURCHASED, ASSEMBLED, FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE CHING CHANG INSTRUCTIONS AND IT STATES – MUST SECURE TO CONCRETE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!! W T F

  6. First let me start off by saying that I really love the color of this sun shade. It’s a very beautiful deep true blue. It adds a little bit of whimsical fun to our backyard. The timing is perfect because the summer sun is quite intense as it is setting on the west side of my house, therefore this will not only serve as a sunblock for my children as they swim in their pool on the back deck but also a sun block for me as I’m standing at my kitchen sink. It is very well-made. The material is strong and sturdy the D rings are very sturdy also. I chose to go for the large rectangle just to cover a greater area. I’ve seen other sails from different companies and the material was very saggy. This is very sturdy and Yet has enough give that yet you are not battling it when you install it. I feel very satisfied with this purchase. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for additional shade in their yard whether you have children or elderly. It’s very versatile you could hang it up if you wanted to between two trees while you go camping. It is a good price for its value and I plan to buy in a second one for the other side of the house.

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