Pond Filter Pads

Pond Filter Pads


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  • UNIQUE LATEX COATED FIBERS - Provides extra durability and strength to handle the heavy solid waste of outdoor ponds. The pond filter pads' open fiber construction allows for high volumes of water to flow through the pad without premature clogging while producing crystal-clear water.


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Bio Sponge Filter Pad for Aquarium Fish Tank Koi Sump Reef 25”x 4.75”x 0.75”

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$6.95February 6, 2019
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Last update was on: February 6, 2019 10:13 am
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Plan B: Cowboys could draft this blossoming LB prospect on Day 2 if they miss out on Roquan Smith

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Matala Filter Media

Aquaponics, Pond Filter Media & Pond Clean Out - Ask T.P.D. Show 28

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Nursery Manager

Nursery Manager

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

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Last update was on: February 6, 2019 10:13 am


  1. I can’t believe how much this filter had helped my tank. I thought my water was clean until I put this in! The picture is just after two day. I love how you can cut it to fit in my media basket. I would recommend this to anyone. Pull the trigger and buy it! You won’t regret it! I will definitely buy it again and again.

  2. perfect floss pad for my AquaClear HOB filter. I use this to polish my water, it is crystal clear now.

  3. Okay, to be honest, I had no clue if this would work in my aquarium filter or not. What I did have a clue about was that the brand name filter was getting much too expensive and replacing it as often as suggested was going to cost a fortune. When this arrived, I was taken aback by how much you are sent! It was wonderful, once I also figured out that you merely cut some off of the big pads, and place it into the filter. I have the white side facing toward the aquarium, and the amount of stuff that this catches is amazing. Considering how much you receive, and the amount of money it costs, it is inexpensive and really easy to change out the filter material often. My water is clear and my fish have suffered no ill effects. This is the way to go because you can cut it to fit any size filter that you have on hand!

  4. Amazing product!!!! I am so pleased with my results. Only have been using for two weeks and results are incredible. I have struggled with my skin and dark marks since my teen years, and nothing has helped! I purchased a small trial bottle of this to give a try, and I’m so glad I did. I wash my face twice daily with African black soap, tone with witch hazel and moisturize with this cream, it has been serving me well!!! I have oily skin but this product really helps to moisturize my skin just right, it looks so much more toned and even and dark marks are quickly fading! See attached photo for results. I’m so in love with product, and will be permanently be adding it to my regimen!

  5. Took about a month to finally see this result!

  6. Works great, easy to clean and boy does it trap the fine stuff. We use it for our outdoor koi pond. Once around the pump basket to keep pump running and not gunking up and at the hose end to filter a second time before water is run back in to pond. Highly recommended.

  7. Very nice material – just what we were looking for. This allows us to cut to size and get 5 filters out of the roll.

  8. Works great. Water comes out very clear.

  9. We bought the course and fine bulk rolls an layered them. With in 24 hours it was a total pond transformation! Our pond is large- about 6 feet deep at the bottom of a 20′ waterfall. It was suddenly crystal clear! We could see the fish, the plants, and a few things that needed attention that we didn’t even know about, lol! We should have bought this these wonderful products years ago.

  10. This filter media has been perfect to get the fine particles out of the water in my koi pond. I’ve been using it since July and clean it weekly. It has held up great to being hosed off with a strong sprayer. You can see in the picture all the gunk it collected and how clean it comes after being sprayed off. Whenever it eventually wears out I’ll be back buying more. And this is now my go-to when I need more filter floss for my aquariums too. Great product and works just how you’d expect it to.

  11. This cream is nothing short of a miracle for me. I started using Retin-A three years ago and while it was helping me with the texture of my skin it did nothing for clarity. I have worn sunscreen for many years but I still have sun damage which is popping out now in my late 40s early 50s due to bad sunburns as a child. I started using this cream on alternate nights and then bumped it up to two times a day and the results have been incredible.I tried so many other things and I think the difference is that this cream has niacinamide as an active ingredient, and my skin responds very well to this. Most fade creams contain hydroquinone and that doesn’t do anything for me but the niacinamide really does. I have also slathered this cream all over my chest and arms as well and I have had similar results there. My skin texture is amazing and the clarity is incredible.I am positive that this cream is responsible for the changes because I don’t use any other products on my arms and chest and I have had the exact same results there as well.This cream has turned back the hands of time for me. I have recommended it to friends and it seems to be something that either works or it doesn’t.Some people seem to be sensitive to niacinamide and it causes them to break out, but I seem to tolerate it very well. I also make sure that I apply at least 30-45 minutes after a shower after my pores have closed and I think that reduces any potential irritation as well. This product has a very strong scent that I do not like. It smells like a cheap floral perfume and it really put me off at first but I got used to it and the results are more than worth it for me. The scent also fades after a while and I don’t notice it, but initially it was kind of hard to tolerate. I have very dry skin so I usually apply this product first and let it soak in for about a half hour and then I will apply some sort of facial oil on top of it for additional moisture and that seems to work well for me. In the summertime the moisture from this is enough though.You can find travel sizes of this at target and walmart so if you are on the fence about this maybe try a small jar first and do a patch test on your arm or chest. If you have age sports or acne scars or freckles from the sun give this a shot. Its super affordable, comes in a giant jar and its fairly easy to find. I will lose my mind if they ever stop making this stuff, its essential to clear skin for me and nothing else Ive ever tried (including very $$$ products) has ever given me such incredible results!

  12. I have a fish pond with a small waterfall. There is a filter in the water tub connected to the pump where the water flows from onto the rocks. There is filter medium in there but the larger kind. If I dont put a layer of this stuff in with it, my pond gets muddy. This stuff catches the mud and gunk and keeps my pond crystal clear!

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