Vacuum Pump Wine

Vacuum Pump Wine


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  • Remove air from your wine bottle to keep wine tasting new for up to a week!
  • Contains 1 Black Wine Saver Vacuum Pump and 2 Grey Vacuum Bottle Stoppers.
  • Suitable for all Red and White Wines.


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Reusable Wine Bottle Vacuum Saver Sealer Preserver Pump 2 Stopper Silver&Black H

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Zos will let you keep an opened bottle of wine for weeks or months without worry

Zos will let you keep an opened bottle of wine for weeks or months without worry

March 6, 2018 - Digital Trends

But wait, you say, don't I eliminate oxygen from my bottle of wine with a vacuum pump? As per the Zos team, not entirely. And even if you're getting rid of 99 percent of the oxygen in your vino (and let's be honest, how many times do you really pump...

Ask Dr. Vinny

Ask Dr. Vinny

January 8, 2018 - Wine Spectator

I've written before that storing bottles of wine upside-down might be a good idea if storing them horizontally is not an option. The thinking is that keeping the wine in contact with the cork will keep the cork moist. A dry cork can shrink and let air...

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How to preserve an open bottle of wine: the vacuum pump trick!

Wine Chaat's wine connoisseur Joyce tells you how to preserve a bottle of open wine using a wine pump! To purchase the recommended wine pumps, visit:

Wine Kit Co2 Gas Removal using a Vacuum Pump

De-gassing of wine using a vacuum pump instead of stirring with a wand or mixing with a drill ..

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Wine Chic Women

Wine Chic Women

iUniverse. 2003

Wine Chic Women takes you from wine geek to wine specialist using creative techniques and practical advice. The editors of bring 18 years of wine dilemmas, budgets and solutions together into a resourceful, yet entertaining, guide for the novice or experienced wine drinker. Give yourself a wine image makeover and reap the benefits of being a wine chic woman. Soon, you'll be serving, cooking with and buying wine confidently. Get ready to lift your wine confidence to a new elevation, renew your wine image and become a wine chic woman! "This book is divine! Very pleasant reading with much knowledge from the writers imparted to the readers. Like women, wine ages beautifully with tender love and care." -Richard and Cristina Partridge, Richard Partridge Wines, Napa Valley,...

The Homebuilt Winery

The Homebuilt Winery

Storey Publishing. 2012

Build your own winery! Learn how to set up a home winery and construct all the basic equipment for just a fraction of what commercially manufactured products would cost. Leading you through the entire winemaking process, Steve Hughes includes building plans and step-by-step instructions for making more than 30 essential winemaking tools. From fashioning presses and pumps to the best way to fill and cork bottles, The Homebuilt Winery covers everything you need to know to affordably enjoy delicious, high-quality homemade wine.

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