Watering New Trees

Watering New Trees


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  • Easy fill opening
  • Holds up to 20 gallons of water
  • Micro-perforated release points along bottom seam
  • Bag is empty in 6-8 hours
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Ooze Tube Tree Watering System Drip Irrigation Tree Bags - 25 gallon

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How and When to Plant a Tree

How and When to Plant a Tree

March 12, 2018 - Popular Mechanics

“It's not unusual to dig out a dead plant and find a puddle of water in the bottom of the planting hole.” To avoid drowning a new tree, Barborinas prescribes watering it based on its size. Set your garden hose to a trickle and place it over the root...

Dirty Fingernails - How much should I water a tree?

Dirty Fingernails - How much should I water a tree?

March 7, 2018 - Ravalli Republic

Q: I know that frequent watering is important for a new tree. But what does that mean? How frequent? I am planning to plant some trees soon. A: You are quite right. Water is not only important but all-important for a transplanted tree. Even in a wet...

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Watering Young Trees

Proper watering throughout the first growing season often means the difference between success and failure. And problems can arise when the soil in the root ball accepts and retains moisture...

Easy Way To Water New Trees

Easy Way To Water New Trees Use buckets or planters to water new trees. Drill a few holes in the bottom of a bucket or planter. Fill with some rocks so it doesn't blow away. You can also...

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Mid-Atlantic Gardener's Handbook

Mid-Atlantic Gardener's Handbook

Now all gardeners living in the Mid-Atlantic can unlock the secrets to successful gardening in their region, thanks to this informative, fully illustrated handbook! Mid-Atlantic Gardener's Handbook has everything a gardener needs for successful planting and growing in the Mid-Atlantic region--all contained in one easy-to-reference book. Comprehensive to the core, this book is different from other gardening guidebooks because it's written exclusively for gardeners who live in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, or Washington, D.C. Subjects covered include plant selection and when-to gardening maintenance information. Planting and growing information for edibles is also included, along with plant selections for the most common plant...

Field Guide to the Street Trees of New York City

Field Guide to the Street Trees of New York City

JHU Press. 2011

Describes 50 species of trees commonly found in the neighborhoods where people live, work and travel in the Big Apple, in a book that includes original drawings of leaves and photos of bark, fruit, flower and twig for easy identification, as well as detailed maps identifying the specific addresses to find a good example of each tree species. Original.

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