Watering Seeds

Watering Seeds


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  • VARIETY of ELEMENTS: 1 galvanized can, and 6 Burpee seed packets (Corn, Carrot, Watermelon, Tomato, Pea and Pumpkin).
  • USEFUL & UNIQUE: Order multiple bags for an original party gift idea or client gift.


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How to spring forward into medical cannabis gardening — and recreational, too

How to spring forward into medical cannabis gardening — and recreational, too

March 12, 2018 - GreenState

Getting your hands on seeds or starter plants isn't as daunting as a process as it sounds. Start with your favorite dispensary, but make sure to do a background check on the seeds and clones they offer. If you can't find any info on their stock, move...

Think spring with seed starting activities

Think spring with seed starting activities

March 8, 2018 - Michigan State University Extension

Use shallow seed starting vessels with drainage holes. These can range from transplant production trays to egg cartons or individual yogurt cups. Just ensure that whatever container you use has holes to allow the water to pass through the bottom...

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TRG 2016: When to Water Your Vegetable Seeds & Bottom Watering: Look For Dried Light Starting Mix

I often get the question when do I know or how often do I water my vegetable seed starts and transplants. The trick is to look at the top of the starting mix in your seed cells. It will always...

Germinating Seeds, Soil, Watering, & Light

Germinating Seeds, Soil, Watering, & Light.

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Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love

Tuttle Publishing. 2012

Using the garden as a metaphor, The Seeds of Love offers a process for creating mindfulness. From a Buddhist perspective, everything affects our consciousness and enters metaphorically as a seed. This occurs through the development of the practice of mindfulness, and using its tools to maintain a state of awareness and openness to self and others. Readers interested in Zen Buddhism will learn how to nurture such seeds as compassion, joy and generosity and to use personal challenges such as jealousy, anger and self doubt as a means of growth. Using precepts from many faiths and traditions, The Seeds of Love fosters the practice of using simple, basic actions to reach the best within ourselves and share it with those around us. It will be an invaluable guide to anyone seeking deeper and...

Watering the Seed

Watering the Seed

Torchlight Publishing. 2018

In his book, Watering the Seed, Giriraj Swami shares his realizations with honesty, wisdom, and humility. He recounts how Lord Krishna's beloved gardener, Srila Prabhupada, took such great care to water the seed of devotion within his heart. You will be transported into Prabhupada's association during some of the most historic moments of Iskcon's development. You will be given entrance into his private quarters to witness his gentle fatherly love toward his young and sometimes perplexed spiritual child. Prabhupada's innocent childlike humor will bring joy to your heart. Prabhupada's compassion for the conditioned souls overcomes all opposition with unrelenting determination and faith. You will hear Prabhupada's spontaneous philosophical perspectives both in times of crisis and in...

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